Nokia World 2011 Showcases Lumia 800 and 710

by Yuyutsu Sen on November 1, 2011

The recently concluded Nokia World 2011 highlighted that Nokia is taking its evolution seriously. The company has plans to bring out phones with Windows 7 in them. At the event, six phones, of which two are likely to be available in the US market, were showcased.

The manufacturer also brought out the Lumia series, which, according Nokia, is one of the first of many more to come. Two devices that were showcased were Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. Through the event, Nokia showed why it is still a worthy competitor in the smartphone market. The 710 comes with a number of style elements which allow them to appeal to users. The 800 has a unique style which is unusual when compared to other devices on the market.

With MeeGo and Symbian having failed, Nokia has brought out Windows Phones with the potential to make up for the older phones. The phones in the Lumia series show a clear price-point differentiation. It also showed for the first time, the software strategy developed for Nokia.

The biggest competition to the N9 is Lumia 800. The latter may not come with the pentaband that accompany other latest smartphones form Nokia. This is because Microsoft has used Qualcomm basebands in the device. Lumia 800 will have an AMOLED screen, Carl-Zeiss camera and a stylish design which can make the device appealing to users. Nokia has long-term plans for Lumia 710. The device will ship with Windows 7 and fit in a budget. Efficient supply-chain management and production are two of Nokia’s key strengths and they have been brought out through its latest offerings.

Another aspect about the devices that stood out in Nokia World 2011 was the software accompanying them. Two of the most impressive apps were Nokia Drive and Nokia Music. Turn-by-turn navigation is offered for free through the first app. The second will provide a selection of music streaming options that can be customized according to user preference. NAVTEQ, owned by Nokia, gives the manufacturer an edge that its competitors don’t have. This, along with its Nokia Drive and Nokia Music, allow it to provide services that enable music streaming and easy navigation for free.

The manufacturer also has a series of phones in the entry level category. Called the Asha range, the phones are targeted at the next set of billion users. One of the factors working in Nokia’s favor in the US is that its devices can offer cost-effective, good functionality. It will be competing in a market that currently has a host of devices which are cost-effective, but have limited functionality.

The Asha series will comprise of S40 phones in the starting range, which come with a QWERTY keyboard (full). The series will allow the use of dual SIMs and will come with support for app and FM radio. Nokia’s first Windows Phone will hit the markets in the coming weeks. This is a big step for Nokia, which in the past has delayed the shipping of the products after their announcements were made. The first phone that is likely to be released is Lumia 800, and this will be followed by 710. The third device may be Nokia Ace, a large screen phone.

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