BT Ahead of its Original Superfast Fiber Broadband Schedule

by Yuyutsu Sen on November 2, 2011

According to a recent statement released by London based BT Group, the company’s superfast fiber broadband network will cover 2/3rd of Britain by the end year 2014. This indicates that the global telecommunications giant is one year ahead of its original schedule. With the aim of increasing competitiveness among businesses, the UK government has been encouraging the telecommunications industry to build capabilities for providing faster broadband across the nations.

The news about BT’s accelerated fiber broadband rollouts has been welcomed by Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for media, culture, sports and Olympics. Hunt said that the availability of superfast broadband will ensure that companies have access to the infrastructure required for the development and growth of fresh and innovative services and products. The investment in this digital infrastructure will be helpful in creating new jobs today as well as in the future.

UK government aims to have the fastest broadband network on the convenient by 2015 and BT’s accelerated rollout is an important step in the direction. The speedy rollouts will require funds close to £300 million or $483.8 million out of a total investment of £2.5 billion. The company will be recruiting as many as 520 engineers to work on the project.

BT statement further indicates that widespread access to fiber broadband is likely to fuel the UK economy. Apart from gratifying many communities that have been eagerly waiting for the technology, it is also likely to drive regional growth.

Moreover, the British telecommunications firm is eager to join hands with the public sector in order to further extend its superfast broadband network. Over the next 4 years UK government has promised to invest around £530 million in expanding the reach of super-fast fiber broadband. Broadband Delivery UK, the body liable for the implementation of government broadband policies, will administer the funds.

This announcement has been welcomed by BT Group and the company plans to bid for the same. According to BT statement, the company is ready to invest substantial additional funds in the project and has a successful track record of providing super-fast broadband in Northern Ireland and Cornwall (southwest England) in partnership with the government. However, BT is not the only player in the super-fast fiber broadband sector. Japanese IT company Fujitsu Limited announced its plans of developing super-fast fiber broadband for rural UK in April.

Fujitsu services will be an alternative to BT’s much larger offerings. Over the coming 3 – 5 years, the Tokyo based firm has plans of investing £1.5 – £2 billion in the project. The contribution of UK government is expected to be around £500 million. The Japanese company will be working with Cisco Systems, Virgin Media Inc and Talk Talk Telecom Group. As Fujitsu is not attempting to roll out competing fiber broadband infrastructure, its is not likely to be a major problem for BT. As far as government funds are concerned, the economies of scale provide BT an advantage over Fujitsu in the bidding efforts.

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Tavistock Superfast Broadband November 2, 2011 at 1:20 pm

At least we have one less year waiting for which Telephone Exchanges have been lucky enought to get BT Infinity rolled out. Over 5 years of being drip fed with expectation and the associated advertising is torture to forgotten Towns like Tavistock. Will we be lucky? We are not included in UK Government funding so must look to beg. Just keep paying taxes to enable others to have fibre optic roll-out.

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