HTC Takes the Top Spot in the US Smartphone Market

by Yuyutsu Sen on November 3, 2011

Within just a few years, HTC has managed to create a premium brand and make a place for itself in the highly competitive smartphone market. The company’s efforts are starting to show results, especially in the US market. The report released by Canalys for the 3rd quarter of 2011 indicates that HTC is the top performer in the US smart phone market. This means that in spite of taking lead over Apple in the global smartphone market, Samsung is lagging behind the Taiwanese smartphone maker as far as the US smartphone market is concerned.

According to the report, HTC shipped around 5.77 million smartphones to the US against 4.9 million and 4.6 million shipped by Samsung and Apple respectively. Out of HTC’s total worldwide volume of around 13.2 million, the US market accounted for 43% sales. On a global scale, Samsung’s sales volume is almost double that of HTC at 27.3 million units. The figure is even better than Apple’s 17 million worldwide shipments. But HTC has managed to surge ahead of both Samsung and Apple in the US market. According to the report, this is a noteworthy achievement for the Taiwanese firm. Although Canalys expects Apple to bounce back with it iPhone 4S devices and move ahead of both HTC and Samsung, the IT insights provider compliments HTC on the achievement.

Currently iPhones are in the third spot behind HTC and Samsung devices in the US smartphone market. One of the main reasons for low iPhone sales was the fact that users were waiting for the launch of the latest version of the device. Although iPhone 4S was unable to create very high excitement levels in the market, Apple’s sales have shot up since its release. The California based company managed to sell 4 million devices in the opening weekend. The demand for iPhone 4S continues to be strong.  But HTC also has offers a good selection of 4G Android devices. Differentiation will be crucial for HTC in maintaining its place among the top players.

While HTC, Apple and Samsung are fighting fiercely for the top spot, RIM has been unable to put an end to its downward sales trend. In the US market, its share has come down from 24% last year to a disappointing 9%. The company’s global sales figures are equally depressing. The report indicates a whopping 58% drop in RIM’s worldwide volumes. For a clear picture of the impact of both iPhone 4S and BlackBerry OS 7 on the market, we will have to wait for the year-end figures.

A number of changes have taken place in the smartphone market in the third quarter. At least for the time being South Korea based Samsung has surpassed Apple with its 24% worldwide smartphone market share against the latter’s 15%. Apart from RIM’s BlackBerry OS 7, Nokia has also launched new Microsoft Windows OS based smartphones further increasing the competition. HTC has adopted acquisition strategy for competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung. On the whole, global smartphone market grew substantially to 120.4 million units indicating a 49% year on year growth.

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