HTC’s Efforts to Reach Out to Android Developers

by Yuyutsu Sen on November 8, 2011

The mobile market in general and the Android market in particular is highly competitive and HTC corporation is making all possible efforts to maintain its position and move up the ladder. The Taiwanese company has managed to make a place for itself in the smartphone market within a short period of few years.

According to the recent report from research firm Canalys, HTC is the leading smartphone player in the US, the largest market in the world. Claiming more than 25% of the US market in the third quarter, HTC has managed to surge ahead of the like of Apple and Samsung. Under its own brand the company shipped 5.7 million units and further 70,000 smartphones under the T-Mobile brand.

Apart from manufacturing Windows phone and Android smartphones, HTC is also making proactive efforts to reach out to the developers. Today working with developers has become necessary for all mobile makers to ensure that their products remain on the top. According to HTC developer evangelist Leigh Momii, promoting mindshare is essential in the competitive mobile market. With this in mind, the mobile maker recently launched HTC Dev, a developer outreach program. The main objective of this program was to generate support for the firm and to provide developers access to unique features of their products.

This was the first time HTC actively made efforts to reach developers. Although the firm had a developer following, they were mostly left alone. However, with so many brands trying to develop competitive devices based on Android operating system, the company felt the need to take some steps to promote developer support.

The company’s Open Sense SDK (software development kit), which largely seems like an add-on to the regular Android SDK was released in August. Developers can work on HTC Evo 3D’s stereoscopic 3D feature as well as scribe pen for its tabs using HTC SDK. The company also plans to release the latest iterations to allow developers access to other niftier features of its products.

While the apps based on HTC SDK will unlock added functionalities on HTC phones, they won’t be exclusive to it. This means that the apps will function smoothly on other phones as well. The company has also simplified the process of loaning out smartphones and tabs to developer for testing. Besides providing technical support, HTC has adopted a personalized approach to strengthen its relationship with the developers. The company organizes small meet up sessions for local developers. The firm is also considering the use of other interactive communication methods like forums.

At the Sprint conference, Orbotix, a start-up developing sphero balls that can be can be controlled using a unique iOS or Android app, booth was located next to HTC. The mobile maker allowed the start-up to make additions to the app to enable visitors to control the ball using Flyer tab and Scribe pen. The support was appreciated by the developer of Orbotix Ross Ingram. The ‘draw and drive’ demonstration was a success drawing a significant number of visitors.

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