Avaya IP Office Release 8: New Mobility, CCR, Salesforce.com, C110UC Module and Outlook Plug In

by Jeff Wiener on November 23, 2011

Several weeks ago I wrote a brief introductory piece on the new Avaya IP Office Release 8, but at the time I was unfortunately not able to expand on the details or discuss the new features because of Digitcom’s non-disclosure dealer agreement with Avaya, which understandably prohibits divulging the details of such confidential information.

Now, however, with the new Avaya IP Office product set to launch on November 30th the veritable gag order has been lifted and I am in a much better position to write a review of what you’ll find in the latest release.

The biggest change with Release 8 surrounds the mobility apps and the overall direction Avaya is taking the IP Office product suite. The next few years will see the rapid decline of the desk set—as I’ve long predicted—as users migrate to alternate mediums for their talk path. While that migration will include, to a lesser extent, increased communication via PC, to a much larger extent it will mean the emerging dominance of mobile devices.

The challenge for Avaya, and every other phone system manufacturer, is to ensure its continued presence, and for that matter its continued existence, as the cellphone becomes the ubiquitous mode of communication.

I came across an interesting statistic a few weeks ago that by the end of 2012 over 50 percent of communication in the corporate world will be done through a device other than the desk set, the most dominant medium being the cellphone. True? It’s tough to say, but it certainly speaks strongly to a changing marketplace, and with such an evolution taking place manufacturers will need to respond.

The changes in IP Office Release 8 are geared specifically towards this change, emphasizing enhanced mobility, office convergence and more importantly, providing full office functionality on one’s cellphone.

Here are some of the changes you will find on IP Office Release 8:

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1) The new One-X Mobile Preferred solution will provide integrated presence, IM, visual voice mail and conferencing on the Android phone (with the iPhone and Blackberry to follow in early 2012). It’s like having your office phone completely available on your mobile device. While it sounds like twinning, a service I’ve written about extensively before, it’s truly much more than that!

2) New embedded Voice Mail Pro C110UC module –an alternative to the external PC running Windows XP, 7, Server 2008, this C110UC card will consume a full slot in the IP Office V2 cabinet and provide full advanced app capability on a card. No more need for a separate server. Available in early 2012 only.

3) New browser-based administration – This will be available on the Basic Edition to start (formerly Essential Edition), and will extend to the Preferred Edition at a later date.

4) New Microsoft Outlook Plug-In – This will provide federated presence inside Outlook. You will now be able to see the status of all of your users (busy, available etc…) from within the Outlook screen.

5) Salesforce.com Plug-In – Make and receive calls from within Salesforce.com, do screen pop-ups, and place calls on and off hold. Finally!

6) Enhanced One-X Portal. It looks like my personal favourite app is getting even better, and YES, it does currently work on my MAC (that’s the reason it’s my favourite in the first place!). Beyond that, Avaya is adding Google calendar mining, presence, and an iGoogle style widget that will become available inside the One-X screen.

7) New Reports in CCR: Agent performance, an agent time card report, and custom reports with Microsoft Report Builder are all now included. While still a preliminary review of this feature, the screen looks like the product has matured in look, feel, and usability. In addition, both the coaching and the silent intrusion features should help companies with improving call centre efficiency.

While I likely say this every time we see a new product release, Avaya Release 8 is probably the most significant one yet. Avaya has created a competitive, feature rich product that, at this point, surpasses every comparable communication suite on the market. Sure Cisco, NEC (which we also sell!), Panasonic, and Mitel are out there, but frankly they are all playing catch-up.

In the meantime, Avaya is playing catch-up as well, not with its direct competitors but with an ever-changing marketplace where the cellphone has evolved into the focus of corporate communications. As I said, the market is changing (FAST!), and Avaya needs to be one step ahead.

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Paul February 14, 2012 at 3:28 pm

We are a Google Corporate house, is there a google app, that will do the same as the outlook app ?
I don’t want to loose our desktop IP phones yet, do we have to migrate to only cell phones for this ??

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