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by Jeff Wiener on December 27, 2011

You can get articles every day. We post generally 3 to 4 articles per business day, always with relevant telecom topics of course. Last year was an eventful tech and telecom year and we expect 2012 to be equally as exciting of course … the news never stops.

The easiest way to get this blog daily is by email subscription. If you’re already a subscriber than sorry for the confusion, no need to do anything.

My favorite way to read blogs and news is through an RSS reader. I use Google Reader. You can subscribe to this blog here. If you haven’t tried an RSS feed for your news you should check it out. It’s the easiest quickest way to sort through the clutter and have all your news delivered to one place.

And of course you can visit us daily by just coming to this site.

I started this blog in 2008, and now 2,000 posts later these articles are ready by thousands every day. It’s been a great run so far … thanks for your participation. Back to regular programming tomorrow.

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