Apple’s iPad 3 Set to Continue Tablet Domination

by Matt Klassen on January 17, 2012

I’ve always been amazed by Apple’s simple and straightforward marketing strategy for its relatively paltry line-up of mobile devices. The Cupertino Company has built a reputation on designing consumer friendly products and bringing them to market with a metronome-like consistency, a point that has Apple’s dedicated horde of die-hard fans salivating like Pavlov’s dog whenever certain key dates draw near.

In fact, Apple has trained its followers so effectively that Apple really doesn’t even need to upgrade its latest device, it simply need to slap an ‘S’ on the end for users to riot in order to get their hands on one.

With that said, the next date on the Apple addicts’ calendar is March, when the company is slated to release the iPad 3. But while I considered the overwhelming consumer demand for previous devices like the iPhone 4S to be outrageously unwarranted, the initial rumours regarding the iPad 3paint a picture of a power next generation tablet, proof perhaps that Apple doesn’t always lazily rest on its laurels.

In a report issued by Bloomberg it looks like Apple is working hard to advance the tablet market, despite the fact that it rests comfortably atop that market space with well over 90 percent of the tablet share. According to a Bloomberg source, the iPad 3 will feature a crisp high-definition screen, run a faster, beefier processor, and thankfully work on next generation 4G LTE networks.

Unlike the iPhone 4S, which I considered to be a disappointing incremental upgrade designed solely to bolster Apple’s lagging iPhone sales in the Christmas season, it truly looks like the iPad 3 will significantly advance the tablet market, once again setting the benchmark for all other tablets.

What I find the most surprising, however, is what markets Apple chooses to advance and what markets it chooses to stand pat in. Now I can’t really argue with the sales numbers of the iPhone 4S, but it seems to me that Apple faces a great deal more competition in the smartphone sector than it does in the tablet market, the latter which it effectively created with its original iPad and has dominated ever since.

Logic seems to dictate that you would want to advance your product in the competitive market and produce cheaper incremental upgrades in the market you monopolize…but again, who am I to argue.

With the proposed iPad 3 it’s clear that Apple isn’t taking any chances in the tablet sphere, one that I would wager is a significant source of income for the tech giant. Although no other company has produced anything close to a competitor for any of the iPads, with more affordable tablet options coming to market Apple needs to give both its loyal clientele and prospective consumers a reason to fork over hundreds of dollars more than the cost of that Amazon Kindle Fire they’ve been looking at.

For now, however, much about the upcoming iPad 3 remains unconfirmed; what we do know for certain, though, is that Apple’s Chinese manufacturing partners have their sweat shops working around the clock to produce just enough tablets to spark mass riots here in North America at the March release.

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