HzO: The Future Is Smart, The Future Is Waterproof!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 17, 2012

Over the years, mobile phone manufacturers have improved cell phones so that can serve many functions beyond voice and text communication. From physical keyboards to touch to multi-touch and from bulky designs to flexible concept phones, we’ve seen it all in the world of smartphones.

However despite advances in mobile technology, most smartphones are still plagued by two major problems – battery drain and water damage. Smartphone manufacturers have tried a number of approaches to fix the battery drain issue including Wi-Fi napping and solar charging, however a universally applicable and commercially viable solution is yet to be found.

The other problem – accidental seepage of water can ruin your smartphone. Whether its rain, sweat or any other source of water be it pool/sink/toilet/lake/beach, seepage can prove to be lethal for your smartphone. Not anymore though – ZAGG, makers of cases for various consumer electronic devices, has a new hi-tech spray (HzO) which waterproofs your smartphone by applying a coating which protects circuit boards from water damage.

Reports suggest next-generation Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones could get waterproofed using HzO technology. The spray is called HzO WaterBlock and it works by coating the inside of an electronic device with a nano-thin film that has water-repelling properties. The coating serves as a protective layer to prevent water damage and even lets you dunk phones entirely underwater, and still use them.

HzO claims smartphones with HzO WaterBlock could be launched as early as this summer. Though the company hasn’t named Samsung or Apple as a partner, it confirmed that they’re “in the process of signing up a major smartphone partner” and a headphone manufacturer. HzO initially planned to buy devices, have HzO waterproof them with their technology, and then sell these waterproof devices to consumers directly. However, the company changed track after it received an encouraging response from a number of smartphone manufacturers.

HzO says WaterBlock is built of non-hazardous, organic material and has no impact whatsoever on the look, feel or weight of the phone. Interestingly, HZO doesn’t just waterproof the outside of the phone.  Rather, it applies the coating to the internal circuitry to prevent water damage. The company demonstrated the technology by dunking a working iPhone and Samsung Galaxy into a bowl of water – and both devices were fully functional even while soaked in water.

Another company named Liquipel also showcased its smartphone waterproofing technology at the recently concluded CES 2012.

Having lost an iPhone 3GS and a BlackBerry 8707v to water, I, for one, can’t wait for the next generation of waterproofed smartphones to launch. What about you?

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John Smith1 January 17, 2012 at 8:04 am

What a relief. I’ve had 2 phones destroyed in the last 2 years by water. Now they just need to figure out how to protect the phone from falls!

Matt Klassen January 17, 2012 at 11:28 am

Don’t worry John, the mobile community has you covered from falls as well.


Waterproofing company August 16, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Wow,great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly,thank you!

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