Android Leads The “Dating And Mating” Game!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 1, 2012

There’s no doubt that year 2011 belonged to Android – Google’s mobile operating system was a clear winner in the volume game as HTC took the top spot in the US smartphone market and Samsung set its eyes on Nokia. In November, Gartner confirmed that Android now accounts for almost 50% market share of worldwide smartphone shipments.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and with so many Android devices being sold, don’t be surprised if your next date is an Android user as well. However, what do smartphones have to do with one’s dating habits? Apparently a lot – a recent survey from suggests Android leads the “dating and mating” game as Canadian singles that use Android phones are more likely to have sex on a first date. Period, err, I mean no period.

So, the next time you want to get laid on a date, try finding someone who uses an Android phone 🙂

The survey indicates that most Canadian singles believe e-mail and texting helped improve their dating habits. It reveals that Canadian Android users are most loose (aka The Seducers) and are likely to have sex on a first date with 62 per cent admitting they took the plunge. Android users also lead the roost on having one-night stands and in actively visiting dating websites. No wonder Steve Jobs said – If you want porn, get an Android.

The survey terms iPhone users as office romantics who prefer to date someone in their workplace. Moreover, iPhone users are generally pretty quick to move forward with relationships – they just need one day to reach out, while Android or BlackBerry users will wait until after 2-3 dates. Almost a quarter of iPhone users surveyed admitted having a workplace romance within the last five years.

The survey labels BlackBerry users as “Drunk Dialers” who prefer to drink alcohol on a first date with 72 per cent admitting to boozy night outs. Therefore, it’s no surprise that RIM executives sometimes get so drunk that they need to be handcuffed and restrained. Interestingly, BlackBerry users are prone to love at first sight with 67 per cent despite being the slowest to adopt online dating.

“Thanks to social networking and online dating, our love lives and our digital lives have never been more intertwined,” said in release about its survey.

And if you’re beginning to wonder can your smartphone get you laid – the survey also indicates being distracted by your mobile is the number one first date deal breaker 🙂

So, are you a seducer (Android), an office romantic (iPhone) or a drunk dialer (BlackBerry)? The survey doesn’t include Windows Phone users so I presume these users are busy playing with their new devices and don’t have the time to date. To be honest, I think that survey results were funny more than anything else. What’s your opinion?

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