Got An Ape? There’s an App (and An iPad) For That!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 29, 2012

It’s no surprise that the Apple iPad has been unequivocally voted as the most popular electronic gadget over the last two years. Kids love it, cats love it so how could the Orangutans, one of the most intelligent of all primates, be left behind.

While the bored orangutans may not be able to make it to the iPad launch event next week, the lucky ones at Toronto Zoo will be recipients of iPads donated by Orangutan Outreach’s Apps for Apes program. The objective, they say, is to “stimulate creativity and alleviate boredom in primates.”

This initiative is called “Apps for Apes” has been conceived by Richard Zimmerman and Orangutan Outreach to promote a sense of appreciation of creativity, art and music among – “the primates”. The iPads will provide a means of stimulation during long northern winters, when orangutans are often kept locked indoors.

Zimmerman kicked off the program last year in the Milwaukee Zoo where the primates used the iPad through a mesh screen, while their keeper holds it. The organization says the primates enjoyed using a painting app with their fingers. While it sounds wonderful news from an animal lover’s perspective, I can’t help wonder if orangutans need or deserve the iPads? After all, an iPad is an expensive device and one could argue that they’re better off with finger painting.

It’s even believed that orangutans can get to “know each other’’ via a video chat app since they can recognize other orangutans when they see their images.

Zimmerman is planning to send iPads to Atlanta and Florida as well. He believes that with iPad 3 soon to launch, first generation iPads are set to become a thing of the past. So, why not donate one for a noble cause and make an orangutan happy? Of course, the same could be provided to underprivileged kids and disabled people who would gain more value of it.

And just in case I didn’t mention it earlier, it’s believed the iPads will help orangutans mate. They no longer have to move zoos and can pick their mates using Internet on their iPads to see “if they get along”. Steve Jobs did change the world for sure. Period.

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