Avaya is introducing a new SME switch, Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500

by Jeff Wiener on April 11, 2012

Something that has been lacking from Avaya’s end to end portfolio is a cost effective SME data switch. Digitcom has been selling alternate switches over the last few years (Cisco, HP), primarily because Avaya’s current switch models were not price or feature competitive.

That’s now changing with the introduction of 6 new compact switches with Gig connectivity and more competitive pricing. Some highlights of the new switches include:

– 80 Gbps of virtual backplane capacity
– PoE and PoE+, 32 watts per port capacity for higher density applications: VoIP and video
– Cost effective SME solution
– One minute plug and play for IP Office phones. Type in RUN IP OFFICE from the command line and the system will “self deploy”, set up QoS, appropriate VLAN’s and configuration of the voice and data network

– Stacking (available with V5.1). Once released this will allow simplified management, auto unit replacement, and switch resiliency. This is a unique offering not available from the competition, HP, CISCO, Juniper in the SME model
– Auto detect, auto provision and zero touch deployments with IP Office
– GUI based management, centralized configurations, config wizards, topology map and inventory management
– Lifetime warranty with next business day replacement

Avaya is targeting the sub 100 market. For applications which require a larger density port count Avaya is recommending the ERS4000

Names and MSRP of these switches are as follows:
ERS 3510GT = $795
ERS 3510GT-PWR+ = $995
ERS 3526T = $695
ERS 3526T-PWR+ = $1,295
ERS 3524GT = $1,895
ERS 3524GT-PWR+ = $2,395

Avaya has been struggling in the SME data switch market since acquiring Nortel’s data portfolio in 2010. These new products will help make Avaya more competitive and brings feature and price parity to their closest competitors. I’m not sure that this will be enough to help reposition Avaya in this space, but, at a minimum it will be attractive to their current dealer base that is not selling the current Avaya data portfolio.

GA is April 25th, 2012

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