Awash in iPhone 5 Rumours

by Matt Klassen on April 11, 2012

Its often hard to find the reasons behind why certain rumours are sparked at certain times, but in this age of mass communication it usually requires nothing more than one newspaper or one blogger posting some new speculation for the entire Internet to be awash with the news.

So has it happened once again surrounding the latest rumours of the upcoming iPhone 5, which analysts now say is likely slated for release in late summer or early fall. According to a report from Business Insider, the next iteration of Apple’s smartphone line will be a “monster seller,” sporting improved specifications across the board that will allow the device to shatter all sales benchmarks set by its predecessors.

But as I said, these sorts of avalanches of speculation often start innocuously, with this current round of iPhone 5 hysteria sparked by a brief note written by Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White after his visit to factories in China. While that certainly means we should take all this with a grain of salt, here’s what he and others say the new iPhone 5 will look like:

Historically the release of the next iPhone is preceded by a growing buzz in Asia, where the device is manufactured, and as White says, the hype is growing and many are already speculating when the next iPhone will be released. Initially there were reports that Apple would resume its June release schedule, but given the fact the next iPad was just released and carriers are still locking unwary customers into contracts with the iPhone 4S, it seems like a late summer or early fall release is still the most likely.

To the point, Apple found great success with Christmas sales of the iPhone 4S last year, I would guess it will hope for more of the same with the iPhone 5. The release itself, White states, will be mind blowing, trumping everything that has come before and likely “driving the stock closer to our $1,001 price target.”

In White’s note, according to Business Insider, the most significant upgrades to the iPhone 5 will be the new four-inch touchscreen and a sleek new design that, White believes, will “require a Unibody case.” While it will still unmistakably look like an iPhone, White believes tweaking the form factor will be what sets the iPhone 5 apart, and what will assuredly drive its meteoric sales.

As expected, the report continues, the iPhone 5 will be a 4G phone, which in this era of changing marketing definitions we hope will mean it will be LTE compliant.

In a separate report from 9to5Mac has also speculated about the new redesign of the iPhone 5, but adds that internally the next generation smartphone will feature a derivative of the next iPads A5X processor and will sport 1 GB of memory.

For me, however, none of this really comes as a surprise. As I’ve written before, one needs to look no further than the new iPad to catch a glimpse of Apple’s development plan for the iPhone 5. Longer battery life, better graphics, LTE capabilities; they’re all features we saw on the third gen iPad, and I’m thoroughly convinced we’ll see them on the iPhone 5 as well.

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