Intel-powered Smartphone Launches in India

by Jordan Richardson on April 24, 2012

The first smartphone to be powered by Intel microprocessors is going on sale. It is the Xolo X900 and it will be available in India starting today with a price tag of about $423, give or take – about half the price of the iPhone 4S. There are no plans to market the phone outside of India, but the move does represent a good first step when it comes to Intel’s dip in the mobile pool.

Intel is hoping to use the Xolo X900 as a way to take on competitors in the mobile arena, especially Arm from the United Kingdom. The phone is considered a “mid-tier” Android 2.3 device with a 1024×600 display. It may not seem like much on the outside, but the fact that Intel is behind the chips inside the phone means a lot. An Atom Z2460 processor is the foundation of the phone, representing the first significant shift away from Arm’s CPU.

Intel’s chip runs at 1.6GHz and includes a hyper-threading, 400MHz graphics core with support for OpenGL, ES2.0 and OpenVG. Its camera has a throughput of up to 240 megapixels per second, with the Xolo’s key selling feature being its 10-picture burst mode.

Intel initially introduced its mobile strategy at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress a few months ago. At this point and time, the plan appears to be to launch phones with quality inside components at reasonable prices in key international markets. It has an uphill climb against some rather notable names, but, with Intel inside and the right pairings with the right companies, the strategy could pan out well.

After monitoring the success (or failure) of the Indian launch, Intel will look elsewhere to unleash handsets. The next step is China, with a slightly more powerful handset due for release there later on this year.

Analysts say that Intel is using these markets as a sort of testing ground to ensure that their product line is competitive and cost-effective. The Chinese and Indian markets are relatively fast and will serve as great indications as to what will and what won’t move units in the United States and Europe.

Intel will be partnering with India’s Lava International to release the phone.

“India is one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets with the world’s second-largest mobile subscriber base,” said Mike Bell, Intel vice president and general manager of the mobile and communications group. “We are pleased to be working with Lava to bring the best of Intel computing to the India market. Lava’s Xolo X900 device is a great result of our collaboration. It also demonstrates how innovative and compelling products can be brought to market through strong partnerships by using Intel’s smartphone reference design as a foundation.”

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