Rogers To Launch Digital Pyjamas For Babies, Do You Really Need It For Your Newborn Though?

by Gaurav Kheterpal on May 9, 2012

It doesn’t get any more hipster than this – a digital pyjama to monitor your infant’s temperature and movement via a remote computer, tablet or smartphone. Rogers yesterday announced that it has teamed up with a Exmovere Holdings Inc., a U.S.-based biomedical engineering company, to launch of digital pyjamas, called Exmobaby, later this year.

While it may sound like a wonderful innovative idea to ensure that your little one is sleeping comfortably in the crib, I believe it’s an overkill of technology. Millions of parents all over the world already have smartphones and tablets as major distractions as they try to juggle parenthood, work and family. And now – another gadget to take away the personal touch from your parenting?

Do infants need to be exposed to wireless devices at such a nascent stage? What next – iPad accessories and apps that breast feed them or virtual parents to raise them? Gimme a Break!

If you are new to parenthood, it’s natural to keep a check on your baby to make sure he’s breathing well and sleeping comfortably. Exmobaby – the world’s first ever wireless, biosensor baby pajama, uses special “biosensors” embedded in a child’s clothing and streams data over Rogers’ mobile network to a device. It monitors your baby’s ECG, skin temperature and movement and transmits this information to your device over the Rogers data network.

“Working with Rogers will allow us to provide a meaningful connected experience for parents and childcare workers in Canada,” said David Bychkov, CEO, Exmovere Holdings Inc. “Rogers wireless networks provide a reliable distribution platform for our flagship technology and we’re excited to bring the Exmobaby to Canada later this year.”

I believe Exmobaby is well suited for places such as hospitals or in exceptional cases where parents are challenged/ disabled or for infants with special needs. However, I think it would be an extreme use of technology as part of one’s daily parenting routine. The digital pyjamas are expected to be available this holiday season and will be priced at $149 including a starter kit with four outfits, plus a $9.99 monthly service plan.

To sum it up, I have nothing against Rogers or Exmovere. However, I’ve always been opposed to the overuse of technology, especially in areas where we don’t need it – whether its homeless hotspots or fancy digital gadgets aimed at dispensing your parenting duties. If that sounds old school, so be it.

What’s your opinion on digital pyjamas? As parents, would you be willing to try these out on your newborns? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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Jordan Richardson May 9, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Beyond creepy.

Jason Black May 10, 2012 at 4:10 pm

How do you wash them? As a parent, I remember that baby PJs were in the wash ALL the time – and given how fast babies/infants grow – outgrowing these PJs will start to become a VERY costly proposition … Good luck, babies!

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