Apple Unveils New Goodies, Revamps PC Line-up

by Jordan Richardson on June 12, 2012

Apple, the world’s most valuable firm, has unveiled a fleet of new goodies and announced a revamp of its personal computer line on Monday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a number of items at the company’s annual conference for developers, discussing iOS 6 along with new software for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. There was still no release date given for iOS 6, but there was word at the Worldwide Developers Conference about some of its details.

Included with iOS 6 is a mapping system that, according to software chief Scott Forstall, has been built “from the ground up.” This sets Apple in line to tackle Google’s map services, especially with Apple’s “Flyover” feature that will include turn-by-turn navigation features and “real time” traffic updates.

Siri, the much-hyped “search feature” activated through voice commands and creepy personal relationships, will be integrated in the map system. There are some anticipated improvements to Siri, too, including some software adjustments that will provide more answers, more languages and a feature that apparently lets “her” launch from a button on a car’s steering wheel. Perhaps best of all for Apple fans, Siri will be available on iPads.

In terms of personal computers, Apple announced a new version of the MacBook Pro series.

The 15.4-inch model will be the lightest MacBook Pro, outside of the MacBook Air series of course, and will feature a number of high-end features. “Retina” display, for instance, will be made available on the MacBook Pro. Previously available only on Apple’s phones and tablets, this feature will be an expensive upgrade for the laptop but will “set a new standard for screen sharpness.” The new Pro packs a starting price tag of $2,199.

A new version of the Mac operating system dubbed Mountain Lion will go on sale next month. With a price tag of $20, Mountain Lion includes things like iMessage and dictation.

Obviously many of the updates are meant to target the competition, especially Google. By venturing into the map territory, Apple is hoping to at least undo some of Google’s fortunes in that category. Mapping services have been Google’s landmark service for a while now and it has managed to garner about half of its traffic from iPads and iPhones. Apple is hoping to change that for obvious reasons.

As is usually the case, Apple has managed to create considerable hype through the unveiling of new products and goodies. The company’s many, many fans will doubtlessly thrill at each new possibility and Apple will once again come out of this series of updates with a considerable upswing in its fortunes.

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