FCC: Internet Providers Keeping Their ‘Speed’ Promise

by Gaurav Kheterpal on July 20, 2012

Do you think your actual Internet speed is slower than what’s advertised by your Internet provider? Or is it the classical analogy of the grass is always greener on the other side and the Internet is always faster at the neighbor’s house. Whatever be the case, complaints and allegations over Internet providers not matching designated speeds are common all over the world and America is no exception to that rule.

Even as America’s leading wireless carrier Verizon is openly vouching to control your Internet bandwidth and edit your whole online experience, the FCC says that 13 top U.S. broadband providers are ‘close’ to consistently delivering their advertised speeds.

What’s more, the FCC report seems to be causing more confusion than clearing things up. Several blogs and websites have actually interpreted that the report suggests that ISPs aren’t matching or are struggling to deliver advertised speeds.

The FCC’s broadband performance study, released yesterday, suggests that ISPs are delivering 96 percent of advertised download speeds during times of peak bandwidth demand, with five ISPs routinely meeting or exceeding those advertised rates. The upload speeds are reportedly even better – 107 percent of advertised speeds, an increase from last year’s 103 percent. The regulatory body maintains the improvements were mostly due to greater investments and upgrades to broadband networks, not downward adjustments in advertised speeds.

As expected, fiber delivers the fastest online experience with 117% of advertised speeds to its users – a slight increase over the already impressive 114% of advertised speed last year. Cable broadband users have a reason to rejoice as ISPs increased speeds to 99% of their advertised speeds – a remarkable improvement 93% of its advertised speeds from last year. On the contrary, DSL users still get a raw deal from their Internet providers with only 84% of advertised speeds being matched, a modest increase of 2% over last year’s results.

Interestingly, despite Verizon’s recent anti-popular remarks to control the bandwidth, it’s rated by the FCC report as one of the carriers with the fastest connections, offering its customers 120% of the download speeds they advertised. The real winner though is Cablevision after it matched Verizon on speed after a dismal showing last year when it provided only 54% of advertised speeds in 2011.

So, how good is your Internet provider? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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