VICTORY: Apple Slams Samsung, Wins $1 Billion Verdict

by Jordan Richardson on August 27, 2012

With the dust settled on the San Jose trial, the world’s most valuable company has emerged victorious in the court battle between Apple and Samsung.

A jury decided on Friday that Samsung had effectively “ripped off” Apple’s patented technology. Samsung was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in the settlement, but the company is expected to appeal the ruling.

The jury rejected all of Samsung’s claims against Apple, deciding in the end that Samsung intentionally infringed on six of seven Apple patents.

Specifically, the jury found that Samsung products illegally used Apple creations like “bounce-back.”

Despite the win for Apple, the Cupertino company really only won half of what it asked for in damages.  The amount could technically be tripled under the discretion of U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh later on, however.

The next step is a hearing next month to consider Apple’s request for a ban in the United States on the sale of Samsung devices that infringed on the patents. This will include the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a host of other Samsung products, so the bottom line could prove especially damaging for the South Korean conglomerate.

If there’s a silver lining for Samsung, it’s that there are a number of inconsistencies and problems in how the jury conducted themselves. The nine-person jury initially charged Samsung damages for infringing with devices that the jury had actually decided didn’t infringe, so the judge had to adjust damages accordingly.

Some have suggested that the jury’s 21 hours of deliberation were too swift to carefully consider such a grandiose case. Inconsistencies in the jury’s “verdict form” have also come to light, as well as concerns about the actual basis for the damages figure awarded to Apple. Reports indicate that internal emails proved to be most damning for Samsung.

“Certain actors at the highest level at Samsung Electronics Co. gave orders to the sub-entities to actually copy,” jury foreman Velvin Hogan said. “So the whole thing hinges on whether you think Samsung was actually copying. The thing that did it for us was when we saw the memo from Google telling Samsung to back away from the Apple design.”

For now, however, this turns out to be a major blow against Samsung in the global patent war. Samsung managed to win a ruling against Apple in Seoul earlier on Friday after judges there decided that Samsung didn’t copy the iPhone.

This verdict is the largest jury award of the year thus far and the fourth largest jury award in a patent case in American history.

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