What’s Next: Apple Prepares to Launch iPhone 5 on September 12

by Jordan Richardson on September 5, 2012

Apple has announced September 12 as the launch date of the iPhone 5.

Granted the Cupertino company hasn’t come right out and said it, but the electronic invitation (displayed to the left) not only includes the date of the upcoming media event but a “five” in its shadow with the words “It’s almost here” above.

The Apple event will be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco with the fun set to get started at around 10 in the morning Pacific Standard Time.

Speculation over the iPhone 5 has been running rampant for months, as is usually the case with new Apple products, and the new version should be greeted with similar fanfare.

In the corporate sense, Apple has enjoyed a very good year. It was named the most valuable company of all time – sort of – last month when it recorded a value of $624 billion. With those numbers, Apple found itself worth 54 percent more than the second most valuable company on the planet.

Apple also won a critical U.S. court victory against Samsung and may well be successful in shutting out their rival’s products from North American markets, removing a serious threat to market share while launching a new product.

This all came after Apple “missed expectations” and experienced the slowest growth in company history in over two years. That illustrates just how far Apple would have to fall in order to see a serious slip in its fortunes.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped criticism.

Some, like our very own Jeff Wiener, have called on Apple to release something extraordinary – something that doesn’t just develop incrementally on prevailing foundations. This is something I touched upon back in December of 2010 when the company was already moving on to its iPad 2, a tablet device that is already on to its third incarnation with word of a “mini” version to come.

The trouble is that Apple is no longer required to innovate to thrive. The Apple brand has reached startling heights and enthusiasts are perchance more devoted to the company’s products than ever, even after word of cruelty in the factories making them reached the mainstream. In the eyes of many, Apple can do no wrong.

When September 12 arrives, Apple will present the iPhone 5 with its usual sophistication and fanfare. They will land the expected hullabaloo, even from us here at The Telecom Blog, and will undoubtedly set more sales records. With competition waning by way of aggressive lawsuits and patent warfare, Apple’s path is clear: the only company left to top is itself.

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