Beyond 5: Apple Introduces Other Products on Launch Day

by Jordan Richardson on September 13, 2012

While most of the hullabaloo of Wednesday’s Apple event circles around the iPhone 5, the Cupertino giant did unveil some other products.

For one thing, Apple revealed that iTunes is getting an overhaul. According to Apple’s Eddy Cue, the new iTunes will be “dramatically simpler” and will feature a grid user interface. The order of upcoming tracks in the queue can be changed and search has been upgraded to include inline results. iCloud integration is also included, with movie-watching capabilities part of the revamp.

iTunes 11 will launch with iOS 6 on September 19 and will arrive in desktop format sometime in October. Today, Apple released a few updates.

Apple sold the new iTunes much in the same way that it sold everything else on Wednesday: with talk of revolution. “Apple loves creating music products. Music is deeply embedded in our DNA. This is the reason that we created iPod and iTunes, and these products have gone on to revolutionize the music industry,” said CEO Tim Cook.

Also on the agenda was a new iPod Nano. This is “thinner and lighter” as you might expect and it also features a larger touchscreen display. A new iPod Touch was debuted with the Nano, which will feature the same display as the revealed iPhone 5 (a four-inch display for those scoring at home). The new Nano also has an improved graphics card and upgraded cameras.

In terms of pricing, the Nano will go for $149 for a 16GB unit. The Touch will start at $299 for a 32GB version.

With the new iPod units, Apple has introduced new headphones. Replacing the earbuds are “EarPods.” These will sell separately for $29, but they’ll be included with the new iPod gear as well. Apple claims the EarPods were three years in the making and included the scanning of hundreds of ears.

There’s also a new connector (everybody calm down) for the iPhone 5 called the “Lightning connector.” This is the device that charges the phone and transfers data between the phone and a computer, of course. Since the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has used the same connector. Today, that changed with the introduction of the eight-pin Lightning. This connector is reversible and is, of course, smaller than the old connector.

The new connector will likely require some sort of adapter to fit “older” Apple peripherals, like speakers and other equipment, and Apple has some companies working on how to hook those sorts of things together.

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