Android Popularity Soars in Canada

by Jordan Richardson on September 18, 2012

According to Ipsos Reid, the popularity of the Android operating system  is soaring in Canada.

The data reveals that more and more Canadians are seeking out Android-powered smartphones. The data was collected over the course of four studies making use of online surveys starting in January of 2011 and concluding in August of 2012. In that time period, consumers from the Great White North using Android devices grew 10 percent.

At the start of the survey period, 26 percent of Canadian smartphone users opted for Android. By the end of the survey period, 36 percent of Canadian smartphone users opted for Android.

Interestingly, the same period revealed 23 percent of Canadians going with iPhones at the start and 29 percent of Canadians going with iPhones at the close of the survey period.

Research In Motion predictably tumbled, going from a whopping 41 percent to a dismal 27 percent by contrast in the aforementioned periods.

“In terms of smartphones, the big story…is the success of devices using an Android operating system,” said Mary Beth Barbour, senior vice president at Ipsos Reid. “While Apple’s iPhone continues to make steady gains, smartphones using the Android OS have been living up to the buzz making the most ground in the wake of RIM’s losses.”

Android devices are increasing in popularity due in large part to the number of devices available in the first place. It is one of the most versatile operating systems out there currently. It is used by many of the world’s most popular manufacturers, including Samsung and Motorola, which gives is a leg up on the competition. Apple’s iOS is only available on its own devices, which contextualizes the Cupertino company’s numbers in contrast to Android’s market share.

“You have a range of choice in the Android market simply because there are so many vendors selling so many different models at so many different price points, which is unique in the industry,” tech analyst Carmi Levy said. “You can buy a flagship model like the Galaxy S3…or you can get a lower end model, like one of the Motorola droids.”

In terms of tablets, there’s little doubt that Apple is the leading brand in Canada. 42 percent of tablet owners said they owned an iPad. Android is making up ground in that market too, however, and saw its market share double in the period of the Ipsos Reid story. RIM’s PlayBook is the iPad’s closest competitor in Canada, with 19 percent of the market.

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