The Dawning of the New Age of Microsoft

by Matt Klassen on September 25, 2012

It wasn’t so long ago that Microsoft looked very much like an antique in the technology market, struggling to compete with what at the time looked to be a growing alliance between giants Apple and Google. In fact, it was only a few short years ago that it looked like any sort of concentrated effort on the part of the growing Apple/Google collaboration would have made Microsoft redundant, pushing the once great PC giant into the realm of irrelevance.

But then something happened, Google and Apple started to vehemently disagree on issues like open sourcing and Linux, a rift that resulted in Google ostensibly ripping off Apple’s iOS and offering it to the mobile market for free. Suddenly instead of this powerful technological consortium facing all competition with a united front, the two companies started to fight each other, an ongoing war that has been playing itself out in the courts for several years now.

While regulators the world over are now getting very tired of the ongoing Apple v Google Cold War, as both companies work hard at destroying each other the real beneficiary, it seems to me, is Microsoft. Now that the PC giant is no longer facing the combined ire of both tech giants, we, in fact, may be witnessing the dawning of the new age of Microsoft.

No doubt feeling a little like Great Britain in  World War II, fretting over the growing alliance between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, I’m sure there was a point in Microsoft’s collective mind when the question was not if the company would be driven into irrelevance but the Google/Apple unified front, but when. But as history tells us, Nazi Germany made a move that likely decided the outcome of the war, breaking its alliance with Russia and starting a two front war that split its resources and almost destroyed both countries. It’s the same mistake we’ve seen play out (obviously on a lesser scale) in the mobile market, and I’m sure Microsoft is breathing a sigh of relief.

Like the conflict between Germany and Russia, the ongoing legal Cold War being played out between Apple and most of Google’s Android partners threatens to destroy both parties, with both companies trying to push the other out of lucrative markets. While regulators are getting tired of this constant back-and-forth, each decision made in this ongoing fight seems to benefit Microsoft, giving the company more of a foothold in markets it would have had no chance were Google and Apple able to play nice.

More to the point, as TechNewsWorld writer Rob Enderle predicts, this ongoing patent battle being played out across the globe may actually be the end of both companies, at least the end of their market domination, as both companies are running roughshod over regulations both here and abroad, leading Enderle to conclude that it will just be a matter of time before bodies like the EU bring their full weight down on Apple and Google.

In the end, the doom of Google and Apple aside, there is a good possibility that Apple and Google will push each other out of at least a few key markets, opening a window of opportunity for Microsoft. In fact, as Enderle writes, “we are already seeing a massive bump in Windows Phone products as OEMs shift to a safer (read less likely to be sued successfully) platform.” While it remains to be seen if Microsoft has the leadership in place to truly capitalize on the opportunity the ongoing battle between Google and Apple has presented it, the time is now for Microsoft to really take hold in the mobile market.

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