Turning Illusions for Money: Apple Moves Three Million iPads, Avoids Specifics

by Jordan Richardson on November 6, 2012

While many in the analyst industry turned to divination, prophesying or various black arts to figure out what Apple might’ve been up to with the concurrent release of its iPad 4 and its iPad Mini, the real numbers have emerged to shed a little (emphasis on “little”) light on how well the Cupertino giant is doing with its “new” tablet entries.

In the first three days of sales, Apple sold three million iPads.

But here’s where it gets tricky, as Apple hasn’t stated how many of each iPad counts among those three million. Analysts are suggesting that 2.3 million of those three million iPads sold are of the miniature variety, while the remainder is the iPad 4 tablet computer. There’s no way to confirm those digits at this point, though.

The exact numbers matter over the long haul, as it aids in projecting where Apple is headed in the tablet space. But for now, Apple cares an awful lot more about the fact that they surpassed expectations and doubled the first weekend sales of Wi-Fi iPads in March of this year. Now that’s good press.

According to the company, they nearly ran out of the iPad Mini tablets.

“We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

Much has been made of Apple’s risk-taking with respect to releasing two tablet products at the same time and there is a lot to this. Fanatical customer loyalty will only push the cart so far and the company may see some overall cash loss by moving some of the “cheaper” stuff. With Apple’s carpet-bombing approach to releasing sales figures from the weekend, they may be trying to hide this fact.

Beyond the Cult of Mac, however, there are rumblings that Apple may actually be stumbling somewhat. According to a new report, the company saw its share of the tablet market slither to 50 percent in the third fiscal quarter. With the influx of other tablets, like Google’s Nexus 7, Apple may have seen a little bit of slippage.

Of course, Apple didn’t have any “new” tablets out in the third quarter and those numbers will doubtlessly flip right around when sales of the iPad Mini and iPad 4 come to bear. The holiday quarter is expected to be very lucrative for Apple, which should see even more market permeation of tablets big and small.

When the iPad Mini and iPad 4 tablets are made available in other countries later in the year, those numbers will increase further. And with a refreshed product line and piles of customer loyalty still waiting in lines for products (no matter what they are), even more iPads will fly off the shelves. Exactly which iPads will be flying off the shelves is anybody’s guess, though.

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