Microsoft’s Windows BSOD Legacy Lives On: WinPho 8 Devices Reboot Randomly!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on November 19, 2012

Microsoft is in a mess, at least when it comes to all software lines ending with the number ‘8’. Even as chaos continue over Windows RT incompatibility, the woeful learning curve on Windows 8 and partners crying foul over Surface, the Redmond giant is now facing fresh ire from Windows Phone 8 users over complaints of devices rebooting randomly and batteries draining out all of a sudden.

With all due respect to Microsoft, those who’ve lived through the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) age shouldn’t really be surprised with such random reboot teething troubles on the Windows Phone 8 platform.  Though several users have complained about the issue on numerous online forums, Microsoft has yet to publicly acknowledge the issue – some things never change!

As per the details available on a thread over at WPCentral, the problem is prominent among HTC 8X users. Several Nokia Lumia 920 users too have reported random reboots and phone freezes. Several users have complained on Nokia’s support forums regarding the reboots and freezes.While the scale of this problem remains unknown, it’s certainly not good news for Windows and any of it’s WinPho8 partners in crime.

It’s worrying for Nokia as well as the Lumia 920 is all set to debut in several key geographies including India. On the other hand, HTC too has a lot riding on its Windows Phone devices. It lost considerable ground to Apple and Samsung over the last while despite once competing strongly with the former. Samsung overtook HTC in the American market in 2011 thanks in large part to the popular Galaxy S III, however, and the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to recover. The hope is that the Windows Phone 8 products will do the trick. HTC plans to release fewer phones this year, moving away from the strategy that saw them release dozens of products in 2011.

“Battery life issues have led to some users wiping their devices in hope of a quick fix, unfortunately that seems to have resulted in some devices left stuck on a Nokia splash screen,” reports The Verge, adding, “in our own experience with several Windows Phone 8 devices, we’ve found that disabling the tap + send (NFC) feature results in improved battery life.”

As of now, none of Microsoft, Nokia or HTC have acknowledged the issue.

If you recently purchased a Windows Phone 8 device, have you experienced any random reboots or battery drains? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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Karen January 17, 2013 at 5:47 pm

HTC 8X reboots randomly. New phone was in for service. Problem still exists but seems to only happen when no WiFi or roaming available.

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