Nokia: We’ve No Plans to Embrace Android

by Gaurav Kheterpal on December 4, 2012

What an up and down year it has been for Nokia. The year started off with rumours of discord with Microsoft and left everyone shocked as to why was the Windows Phone team suffering from some very serious internal turbulence, especially at a time when it should have been working round the clock for the Lumia launch.

None the less, Windows Phone was initially dubbed as a failure of expectations and it was no surprise that despite cutting deep to stave off potential suitors, there was no stopping Nokia’s rapid downhill trajectory.  The turnaround, though, came when Nokia launched the dazzling Lumia 920, the company’s first next generation Windows 8 smartphone.

As things stand, the Lumia 920 has turned out to be a stellar success story for Nokia and the device has sold out quicker than anybody would have imagined. At a time when you’d hope the success of Lumia 920 would breathe fresh life into the rocky Nokia-Microsoft relationship comes a rumor that the Finnish giant is planning to dump Windows Phone and embrace Android.

Though Nokia has strongly dismissed those rumours, some believe the Finnish giant should take a cue from these rumours and give Android a shot.

Amusing as it seems, the rumours originated from an advertisement put out on LinkedIn, which has since been removed, suggesting that Nokia was looking for ‘Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware’. The ad went on to say that the candidate would work in a ‘start-up environment’ developing ‘exciting new products’ for ‘future mobile technology’ for Nokia. Though the company was quick to clarify that the new developer will be porting its increasing collection of applications to the Android and iOS platforms, the rumor mill had already pounced upon its opportunity by then.

However, there’s no denial that the cracks in Nokia Microsoft partnership are becoming evident. Perhaps, it’s got to do with Microsoft’s internal problems than with Nokia. But then, the Finnish giant hasn’t doing any favors to its ally with aggressive statements suggesting that the Lumia 800 was “the first real Windows Phone”. Surely, the move hasn’t been well received by Microsoft’s other hardware partners (HTC and LG) who were already weak on Windows Phone support.

To make matters worse, there’s the rumor mill which routinely dishes up predictions and reasoning on when and why Microsoft should buy Nokia. Perhaps, it’s just part and parcel of a high profile partnership or even a culture clash between a US company and another which takes pride in its Finnish roots. However, the fact remains that Microsoft and Nokia need to get their act together – after all, the time for Windows Phone is now (or never)! There’s no place for Android in this scenario, at least for now.

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