Judge Pleads For Global Peace, Apple-Samsung Continue Dog Fight!

by Gaurav Kheterpal on December 7, 2012

It’s already being ranked as the ugliest legal mess in the technology industry till date – worse though, there are no signs of the Apple Samsung dog fight ending anytime soon.  After locking horns in America, the two technology giants took their fight to Europe and Asia. While Apple prevailed in America and Europe, Samsung won crucial rulings in Japan. Therefore, it was no surprise when Apple reduced orders for memory chips from Samsung Electronics and is actively seeking out other supply lines.

Last month, the court asked Apple to disclose to rival Samsung the licensing terms of a settlement it made with Taiwanese hardware maker HTC. While Apple may have initially won the $1 billion verdict, there’s every possibility that the massive award announced earlier would be reduced or even a new trial held just to recalculate damages.

This is after the judge’s plea for global peace seems to be going in vain. While there’s no doubt that the stakes are high, I, for one, can’t help ridicule the stubbornness of two of the most respected technology companies all over the world.

Samsung has been quick to say that it’s willing to negotiate a settlement with Apple but “the ball is in their court.” It’s believed that Apple has shown no interest in working out a settlement, opting instead to stick to its earlier claims that Samsung should be penalised heavily so that it refrains from ever copying an Apple gadget. To make matters worse, Apple wants to add more than $500 million to the $1 billion judgment because the jury found Samsung willfully infringed on its patents.

Twenty-four of Samsung’s smartphones were found to have infringed on Apple’s patents, while two of Samsung’s tablets were cleared of similar allegations.

While the lawyers on either side have spent several hours justifying mathematical and legal logic, and no matter who wins, we’ll all be at a loss if and when this manic episode ends. The reasoning is simple – if Apple enjoys a victory in this case, it’s bad news for Samsung and a number of consumers outside of Apple’s wheelhouse. Samsung would theoretically be no longer permitted to include features that Apple “owns” and would have to design around said features so as to not tread on any ground and violate a patent.

In the event that Samsung wins its countersuit, it means that Apple will be required to pony up more green for the utility patents behind access to 3G. Samsung is asking for over two percent of the sale price of every iPhone sold, which means that Apple will jack up the price of its products to account for the “loss.”

The consumers are once again on the outside looking in when it comes to this and most patent lawsuits. Not only are patent suits becoming the trend in a tech industry gone wild, their results hurt customers looking for ways to stay connected in a world that increasingly demands a smartphone or tablet to stay in touch. With higher prices and fewer options, it’s hard to spot a winner outside of the executive bodies of Samsung and/or Apple.

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