Surviving Friday’s Apocalypse? There’s an App for That

by Matt Klassen on December 19, 2012

By this time Friday the world may be over, that is if the prophecies of ancient oracles, soothsayers, sages, and a few Hollywood directors are too be believed. For those who haven’t heard, Friday, December 21st, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan long calendar, a date that many are convinced also marks the time when the countdown of the lifespan of civilization as we know it finally ticks to zero.

While many question the validity of this pervasive Meso-American doomsday prediction, having just returned from an adventure through the Mayan heartland I can say one thing for sure, Central American countries offer great cell reception when you’re standing on the top of a two thousand year old Mayan temple in the middle of a Guatemalan jungle…but I digress.

There’s no question that many have dismissed this coming apocalypse out of hand, most notably NASA, who released its video “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday” a week before the event is set to take place. Bug while NASA in confident nothing will happen I certainly don’t want to leave you unprepared for the impending doom, so dust off that Y2K preparedness kit and grab a few of these handy apps…they may just be the key to your survival come Friday.

Countdown 2012 Mayan Calendar

There’s no way one can be prepared for December 21st without knowing just how much time we all have left. As you glance at your phone during your frenetic last minute Christmas shopping this week, it’ll help you remember to pick up survival supplies as well.

Survival Guide

Quite possibly the most useful mobile app to have in times of disaster, Survival guide will undoubtedly be essential for survival in the post-apocalyptic future. Providing the user with helpful survival skills, tools, and the information needed to find the essentials for survival, even if I wasn’t writing a tongue-in-cheek post about the end of the world I would still recommend this one.


What can I say? Its going to be dark when the world as we know it comes crashing down, so you’ll need something to help you find your way. As an added bonus, the built in compass will also tell you what direction you’re heading, assisting you in finding the last bastions of human civilization.

Battery Magic

In a world with no electricity, preserving battery life will be vital, and this little ditty will help you manage your waning battery effectively, letting you know just how much time you have for games, surfing, and downloads.

While I’m sure we could all come up with a list of apocalypse essentials (no doubt with several games included to help pass the time after civilization has crashed to the ground), take this as my humble offering. Although it should be abundantly clear that I put little faith in Mayan calendars predicting the end of existence that’s not to say that a little forethought isn’t required….just in case.

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