Thinner, lighter iPad 5 to launch in March – iPhone 5S concept

by Istvan Fekete on December 24, 2012

Fourth Generation iPadIt was just the other month when the fourth-generation iPad hit the shelves of Apple Stores and resellers, and the rumour mill is already talking about the launch of the iPad 5 in the upcoming months.

Fact is, Taiwanese industry sources have suggested that Apple will be preparing the production of the iPad mini in the near future, given the simple fact that the 7.9-inch tablet was a disappointment for all those who owned a Retina Display iPad. However, its design elements suggest this is the way Apple is heading, and is confirmed by the Japanese blog Macotacara, citing anonymous sources claiming the fifth-generation iPad — prepared to launch in March 2013, a year after the new (third-gen) iPad was launched — “will be like the iPad mini in detail and be thinner and lightweight. (The expectation is that it will be 4 mm in height, 17 mm in width, and have a depth of only 2 mm).”

The news about the fifth-generation iPad inheriting some of the iPad mini elements is kind of a natural result of the iPad mini’s success: it picked up the iPhone 5’s back slate, and white and silver design.

The measurements are inaccurate (or at least just speculation) expectations of the fifth-generation iPad’s size, but it puts the expectations too high: it would make sense in the context of the current iPad’s physical dimensions (241.2 mm by 185.7 mm by 9.4 mm, while the iPad mini is as thin as 7.2 mm).

An incredible, but nice, iPhone 5S concept with double video projector

Have you ever wondered about the iPhone to featuring a projector just like other smartphones? Well, it might be a secret feature that nobody has talked about before, but everybody would love it.

Very popular with many designers who have studied this case, the possible future inclusion of one or more projectors on Apple’s smartphone still feeds the optimistic imagination. To demonstrate the new concept, you’ll discover later in this article revolves around this idea …

Placed on a flat surface, creator of the amazing iPhone Fran_Snk begins deploying its ends for which it relies on tilting the screen. Once locked, two pico projectors integrated into the iPhone show a virtual keyboard, while the other two are in charge of the remote display terminal screen. Nice, but so incredible …

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