Blackberry 10 rumours grow as previews emerge of new system

by Andrew Roach on December 27, 2012

It’s safe to say that 2012 has not been the ideal for RIM and Blackberry. Long known as one of the leading firms in the mobile market, the Ontario-based firm has fallen behind in recent months with Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 5 stealing all of their thunder.

After prototypes of the model were displayed at Blackberry Jam 10 back in October, new videos have emerged of the new system being used in prototype models. As expected, it seems that the new OS is predominantly touch-screen and also features interactive hardware such as the keyboard and the camera.

The refreshed versions of Blackberry App World and BBM certainly look at place within the current phone market. The much re-worked App World now seems to let users download more than just apps with music and movies available to download onto the phone through the user’s Blackberry ID.

Whilst the core function of BBM will remain the same, the interface looks to have been revamped allowing users to view their contacts, conversations and upcoming events without having to scroll through endless menus. Furthermore, it is now at one with the user’s Blackberry ID meaning that contacts will all be in one pace and not separated between Messenger and the phone’s SIM.

The actual appearance of Blackberry 10 phone’s seemed to have changed too. The physical keyboard has been removed and replaced with a larger screen to allow for easier touch-screen use. On top of that, there are microSIM and microSD slots which are considerably smaller than on previous Blackberry phones. There also seems to be a removable front cover included on the phone to protect the device when being carried around.

Either way, RIM will be is hoping that they can pack an early punch as they look to launch their new Blackberry 10 system at the end of January. As January 30 passes, it will soon be clear to the world whether Blackberry will return to top form or whether they will continue to stay in a sombre slump.

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