Apple Rumoured to be Testing iPhone 6

by Matt Klassen on January 4, 2013

Not even a week into 2013 and the rumour mill is already grinding out speculation that Apple is working on the iPhone 6, as traces of the next generation iPhone and the latest iteration of the company’s iOS are showing up in developer app logs. Simply put, what this seems to mean is that Apple is not-so-quietly testing current iPhone apps on the new device running the iOS 7 operating system, and it has many once again questioning Apple’s ever-changing release schedule.

But lets be honest here, can it still be considered a rumour if we all know its happening? Apple will, as it has done now for five years, continue creating new devices and new software, offering us the same disappointing incremental upgrades until the end of time (or until Apple falls out of favour); so it should really come as no surprise to hear that the newest iPhone is in the works, even with many still enjoying their iPhone 5 honeymoon.

What is interesting, however, is what the Apple fanatic can glean from such a relatively innocuous piece of information like an app log entry. Not only are many thinking that Apple will once again return to its traditional June release date (given that testing is already underway), but market pundits are rethinking their initial speculation that Apple was set to release the iPhone 5S this year as well, now convinced the iPhone 6 is on its way. But I have to think Apple has toyed with our emotions one to many times, and personally I’m done caring…at least for awhile.

I will admit that while I’ve never been a great fan of Apple products, I’ve always been a fan of Apple hype: the guesswork, the speculation, the rumours, it all has made for great conversation over the years. But now as the dawn of 2013 has once again brought such speculation to light I find I simply don’t care, and I think I know why.

For years Apple has created demand for its products through market hype. Like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit it has led consumers around by their noses, telling them what to like and why to like it. As a follow up, Apple consistently maintained that market hype through cleverly devised supply shortages, allowing those who owned an iPhone to develop prestige and those who didn’t to develop envy, thus leading to more sales. It’s a strategy that worked for years…that is until 2012.

While I may be wrong, what I saw over the past several months was the complete destruction of this Apple ethos, the Cupertino giant flooding the market with a bevy of new devices. Equal parts desperation and cash grab, it was clear that Apple was trying to battle against its waning market share, quickly putting dollars in shareholders pockets to assuage any long term concerns. What this strategy ended up doing, however, was killing the hype.

So when the tech site The Next Web  reports that developers are seeing an ‘iPhone6,1? identifier in their app logs, there are certainly some Pavlovian dogs who begin to salivate, but I’m no longer one of them. The iPhone 6 is coming; iOS 7 is in development? So what? Apple will once again toy with our collective emotions, stirring us up into a buying frenzy, only to deliver a substandard product. Then when your frustration with your Apple device reaches as fever pitch, it’ll release another one with lofty promises you’re sure to believe.

That said, I’m confident the faith of the Apple flock will not waver so easily–in fact, Apple is counting on it–meaning that many of us will still see this ‘iPhone6,1? identifier as a sure sign that this time Apple will really deliver, despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.

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