Blackberry 10 Pre-registration: Contest and Market Share

by Istvan Fekete on January 7, 2013

BlackBerry 10With only 23 days left until the BlackBerry 10 hits the market, the Canadian wireless operators are opening up their (online) doors to pre-register the device, which enables eager BlackBerry enthusiasts to receive more information about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 before anyone else if they hand over their contact info.

The first one in line is Bell, which has also launched a contest that will give away five new BlackBerry handsets. It doesn’t state whether they will give away the all-touch or the QWERTY/Touch version, but if you don’t mind owning the latest and re-invented BlackBerry, then this is for you.
The contest started on January 4 and will end with the unveiling of the BlackBerry 10 on January 30.

While we couldn’t get any information about new contests from other Canadian carriers, you can sign up at Rogers and reserve your BlackBerry 10 device right now, or just register to receive updates. Reserving the device doesn’t mean, though, that you will receive it before anybody else.

The Bell contest’s terms and conditions reveal some interesting information: according to the legal stuff, the new BlackBerry 10 devices are worth $700 CDN each. Now, I don’t know how RIM will manage to retail its re-invented BlackBerry 10 devices for $700 when the entry-level iPhone 5 retails for $699 at the Apple Store, and you can pick it up right now, as they have it in stock.

In addition, RIM has lost its grip on the North American mobile market as a whole, as most of its federal clients have ditched their BlackBerry devices for iPhones and Android devices. A device that costs $700 CDN could smash the company’s hard work and its future plans to grab a slice of the emerging markets.

A high retail price can’t justify RIM’s renowned security features, and the company can forget about further Canadian smartphone market penetration. With the local smartphone market far from 100% penetration, a fresh approach to consumers could help the company gain market share, which is strongly needed, as the recent comScore numbers reveal: iOS and Android are the only platforms growing, while the other players, including RIM, are losing market share both in the US and Canada.

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