Digitcom Introduces HostedPBX Platform: Communication in the Cloud

by Jeff Wiener on January 7, 2013

In business for over 20 years, there’s no question that we here at Digitcom have seen the telecommunications market mature. One of the more prominent changes over this time has been the migration from traditional TDM (digital lines, analog and digitals phones) to an IP-based solution. Not only that, but IP itself, otherwise known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), has matured, with changes both within the client LAN itself—better cable and LAN switches—and changes to the technical understanding of what VoIP is and what is required to make VoIP work successfully as a network.

As the business phone systems market has undergone this migration companies have been forced to adapt or die, and while we here at Digitcom have faced our fair share of VoIP challenges, we have responded to this maturing market, putting us in a unique position to effectively answer the increase in client requests for an IP-centric voice network. In fact, this increase in client interest has spurred our corporate migration towards this IP-centric model, leading to a new sales focus—one of our most requested features is now SIP trunking—and many new competitive challenges; none more so than HostedPBX.

But as they say when faced with stiff competition: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

And not only have we joined the ranks of HostedPBX, we have done one better; and so with that Digitcom is proud to introduce our own HostedPBX platform and our own unique hybrid premise/hosted PBX solution.

So just what is HostedPBX? I’m glad you asked…

HostedPBX is your office phone system … in the cloud. It means there is no need to invest in your own on-premise phone system hardware. Unlike a traditional phone system, where you own the phone and phone system, in a HostedPBX environment there’s no need to invest in the expensive hardware and software associated with the phone system. We do the hard work, you simply own the phones.

Many of the phone system features often associated with a large business–things like mobile twinning, conferencing, and unified messaging–are traditionally only available to companies who can afford the more expensive digital lines–otherwise knows as a PRI circuit–and have the tech resources on staff to support and maintain the phone system itself.

With hosted PBX, we own the back-end hardware and maintain software upgrades, service and support on the system. You own your phones and then pay a monthly fee on a per extension basis. We do the rest. No more worrying about software upgrades, system failures or system moves.

Further, if your company already employs a premise-based business phone solution, our hybrid approach allows your current solution to seamlessly interact with our HostedPBX, a boon for companies with satellite offices as it affords all the benefits of your on premise system to your satellite offices without the huge capital investments that would be required to equip all the satellite offices separately. And when your business grows, there’s no need to worry adding more hardware, lines cards or system capacity. You simply order an extra phone, plug it in, and voila … the extension is now on your network.

In the end, whether you’re looking for advanced yet affordable business communication platform or looking to upgrade your current system, Digitcom’s new HostedPBX has the versatile state-of-the-art solutions you’re looking for.

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