Rogers look to contain damage as mass outage strikes Ontario

by Andrew Roach on January 10, 2013

Rogers is facing both anger and embarrassment from many customers in Southern Ontario as a mass outage has taken down many phone and Internet connections across the region.

The blackout occurred on Wednesday night and left resident without any means of communications for well at least 5 hours.

It wasn’t just Ontario that was hit by the outage as there were also reports of Rogers customers in New Brunswick losing their internet connections for a period during the evening.

Despite it being several hours since the outage was reported and fixed, technicians have been unable to find the cause of the problem.

The problem has left many customers aggravated and annoyed with Rogers with the communications giant getting a public lashing by users on social networks.

Much of the social network activity was held on Twitter with both angry customers and Rogers addressing the issue on the site.

In a post on their official feed, Rogers quickly addressed customers with a tweet which said “some Rogers customers may be experiencing issues with Internet service. We are working to resolve asap and apologize for the inconvenience”

However, customers hardly held back in their views with one customer sarcastically remarking that “Internet is not working and #Rogers tech support lines aren’t working ..nice…how come their billing system never fails?”

Even though the internet feed from Rogers were cut, some of the more technically minded had their own ways to get around the problem by re-routing to Google’s public Domain name Server (DNS) which would allow others access albeit at a slower connection and transfer rate.

With Rogers customer services also down during the outage, some customers were that riled that they threatened to end their service with Rogers and move to another company. Others were less drastic with their threats but still called for compensation to those who lost their connection for the night.

With Rogers being Canada’s largest communications company, last night’s problem will raise further issues and concerns about how the company operates in times of a crisis.

Even so, Rogers will know that they will have to do better in the way they handle a crisis in the future so that they don’t damage their reputation and standing as one of the country’s leading telecommunication firms.

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