Record BlackBerry App Submissions, RIM Contests, and More

by Istvan Fekete on January 15, 2013

In the battle for market share and developers, Research In Motion seems to be walking the right path towards a successful BlackBerry 10 launch, as the company has seen record submissions of 15,000 apps in less than two days during the 36-hour “BlackBerry port-a-thon”.

The company encouraged developers to submit their games and apps for BlackBerry 10 by offering a $100 cash incentive for any app approved for the BlackBerry App World storefront. And as the above number shows, the magic of assured cash worked.

Also, RIM is making efforts to make the development process effortless, at least for Android developers: it provides an online conversion tool that enables the conversion of any Android app to its own platform, saving time and money for developers. This has raised some piracy concerns, but the Canadian manufacturer seems to be working on improving its ecosystem.

As another great marketing twist to attract developers, RIM offered a free PlayBook for the first developers submitting between two and five approved apps, and those who get more than five BlackBerry applications approved enter into a random draw to win a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.

In addition, RIM posted a reminder on the company blog to developers who want to possibly get a “Limited Edition BlackBerry 10” smartphone. To grab one, the developer needs to build, sign and submit the app to BlackBerry World by 21 January.

But RIM is aware that besides reaching its 70,000 BlackBerry 10 app target — as stated by the company CMO, Frank Boulben — it needs the love of the customer as well. It hasn’t exactly fallen from Canadians’ grace, but has simply lost its grip on the North American market as iOS and Android devices have turned out to be more customer friendly.

With the launch of BB10 and two BB10 smartphones just 15 days away (scheduled for 30 January in Toronto), RIM is showing Canadians its love and opened up a Twitter contest for a new BB10 device, case and trip to the big BlackBerry fan party. Starting today, to participate in the contest for the aforementioned prizes, Canadians (excluding Quebec) should tweet “what you are most excited about for BlackBerry 10” and include the hashtag #BlackBerry10TO”.

The contest starts on 15 January and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on 17 January, 2013, and as the terms and conditions reveal, there are 30 prizes up for grabs.

Written by: Istvan Fekete. Follow by: RSS, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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