Rogers Educates Canadian Consumers with ‘Tech Essentials’

by Istvan Fekete on January 16, 2013

Sometimes communication technology terms can confuse users shopping for a wireless plan, a mobile device, or managing the bill or online safety. To help consumers become better informed and improve their tech knowledge, Rogers has launched a new program called ‘Tech Essentials’.

The new site was created in collaboration with non-profit organizations MediaSmarts and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection with a single aim: to promote safe use of technology. The Tech Essentials program was accredited by the independent organization Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA).

 The initiative comes after Rogers surveyed Canadians about their knowledge of technology and found that 60% of consumers give themselves a B grade or higher for overall tech savviness.

While this could show that the majority of Canadians are tech savvy (on the surface), the reality looks different: only about 4% actually earn this grade. The test results show 64% of those surveyed got questions about online security, data usage and roaming wrong; 60% are stumped by data usage; and 47% don’t quite understand how roaming works.

However, the good news is that close to 90% are interested in learning more, with 80% open to using a website focused on helping consumers improving their tech knowledge.

As a direct answer to the aforementioned demand, Rogers launched Tech Essentials, a website providing Canadians with a deeper understanding of how to safely and properly use today’s technology. Those who visit the site can read useful information about what they need to know before they buy, and tips to help choose the best wireless device, wireless plan, wireless contract, and the site even gives tips for questions they should ask before leaving the store.

The five main topics are: Before you buy, How it works, Managing your budget, Staying safe online and Tips for Parents. Each main topic is broken down into sub-topics, which will help consumers find the information they need fast.

An interesting addition is the Tech Essentials quiz, which allows you to test your tech knowledge in real time. Depending on the results, you can search through the page to find information and learn more about communication technology.

So how tech savvy are you? You can find out right now, by taking the online quiz here.

Written by: Istvan Fekete. Follow by: RSS, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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