Smartphones and tablets are still not as popular as standard computers

by Andrew Roach on January 16, 2013

They might be dominating the market in terms of sales but a new report has found that smartphones and tablets are still used less frequently than our personal computers.

In a report published by Deloitte Canada, it’s estimated that 80% of all data accessed on the Internet is through a laptop or a PC rather than a mobile device.

It’s not just the Internet traffic that suggests that computers will still be number one in 2013 as the report also states that at least 70% of our electronic use will be on a computer or a laptop.

Despite the lack of change in the status quo, the gap is closing between computers and mobile devices with more and more mobile devices coming into circulation over the past year.

The biggest close is within the amount of devices that have been sold over the past 12 months with almost a quarter of a billion tablets now in circulation worldwide.

Even though this isn’t near the 1.6 billion computers that are now in regular use across the globe, it is a significant rise in relation to previous years.

According to Deloitte, the reason for the increase in use is mainly down to the fact that the public prefers to read and see things on an electronic screen. In a statement, James Stewart – director of research for media, technology and telecom, said that “watch a two-hour movie, they play a half-hour game. They check Facebook for a while. The session length tends to be much longer.”

However, the divide between the two main groups of consumer technology is also affected by the balance between our professional and personal lives. After all, nearly 70% of our computer use will be associated with work in some way.
This is a comparable difference to being at home where only 50% of people are likely to use their computer to watch media and surf the web.

However, there could be a change of direction towards the end of the year with smartphones set to challenge computers as nearly 1.5 billion phones are expected to be in circulation this time next year.

Whilst it’s unlikely that computers will be ousted from the top technology spot come the end of the year, the growing popularity of mobile devices could re-shape the way we see technology few years down the line.

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