Canada still set to be forgotten by Netflix

by Andrew Roach on January 21, 2013

It is one of the premier streaming services for electronic devices but it seems as if Netflix are already forgetting about their Canadian customers.

At the moment, there is less choice and lower storage limits for Canadians in comparison to the US service and the app’s new features from CES are set to have a limited impact on the Canadian version of Netflix.

At CES, Netflix announced that it would be releasing two major features to the service – 3D versions of modern films and the ability to watch films in super HD.

Whilst the improvements in quality will dazzle viewers, it will mean that there will be bigger files which will use up higher amounts of storage space.

This issue is going to certain hamper users who are keen to use the Super HD versions of their favourite films. After all, a user is going to need a connection of 6Mbps to watch a film without any lagging which adds up to a staggering 2.7GB per hour.

As most Canadian Netflix subscribers only have an 80GB allowance per months, it’s likely that the amount of viewable films will drop significantly if someone did opt to watch everything in Super HD.

It doesn’t get any better with the 3D video option not even available to Canadian users when it first launches. At a whopping 12GB per film, it’s likely that the 3D option will only be a premium option at best for subscribers who fancy a one off trick.

Netflix has defended their decision not to include 3D video in their Canadian service. In an interview with CBC, Netflix spokesman Joris Evers said that “We’re just going to see whether people are going to want to watch 3D. We don’t know how the take-up is going to be.”

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Canadian Netflix users with the service planning to be upgraded some point in the near future. As Netflix gets started on helping produce content specifically for their app, the content would be readily available in Canada as it premieres across the world.

Netflix has fast become one of the most popular media streaming services around with an estimated 10% of adults having a subscription with the company.

However, Netflix will need to consider upping storage and membership levels to keep subscribers interested in the app or they may lose out on the market as more efficient services keep entering the live streaming market.

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