Kitchener gets all colourful ahead of Blackberry 10 launch

by Andrew Roach on January 22, 2013

It may seem a bit extreme but the Ontario city of Kitchener is setting itself out in Blackberry colours as the launch of Blackberry 10 draws ever nearer.

The city centre will be decorated with RIM banners and colours promoting the launch from now until the launch on January 30.

Kitchener officials has come under some criticism from people who believe that the town’s council is selling out to a major corporation but it has not stopped Kitchener from going ahead with the plans.

The debate involve legislation which suggests that the move breaches legislation which prevents corporate advertising appearing on city property.

In a showing of unity, only one councillor vote against the plans to allow Waterloo based RIM take over for the week and get everyone talking about the new operating system.

The council has been quick to issue its support to RIM and their plans to launch the new Blackberry system. In a statement, the council said that “Without RIM, downtown Kitchener would not be experiencing its remarkable renaissance.”

The move to support RIM has puzzled some people as several different companies in the past have been denied the chance to advertise its products on buildings within the city.

However, the council has announced that they are maintain fairness and equality in the example however with RIM’s HQ based in neighbouring Waterloo, they felt there is just cause to waive the rules for the mobile giant

It’s not just the advertisements on buildings which will help Kitchener welcome in Blackberry 10 with a special skating party which is being held at the city-owned ice rinks.

However, it’s not just Kitchener that is planning to celebrate with parties as both nearby Waterloo and Cambridge all hosting similar events. Meanwhile, Halifax in Nova Scotia will also host an event celebrating the release of Blackberry 10 models where RIM has a customer service centre.

With only a week to go until the launch of Blackberry 10, there is a lot of hype and support leading up to the release date with many people hoping that Blackberry 10 will turn the company’s fortunes around.

Even so, with local areas such as Kitchener drumming up support in every way possible, it’s a guarantee that nobody will forget about the launch as it gets ever nearer.

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