CRTC unveil new regulations for wireless use

by Andrew Roach on January 29, 2013

The CRTC has revealed new regulations which look set to force network providers to give customers better knowledge and information about their wireless usage.

The new guidelines would see providers have to let customers know when they were reaching their data limits and be forced to unlock a phone under reasonable terms between the network and the user.

With the regulations now out in the open, the CRTC is looking to the public to give their feedback on the code which is still only preliminary at this stage.

Consumers have the next week to let the CRTC know their views on the new wireless guidelines before a public meeting is held on the subject in February.

One of the biggest aims of the new wireless guidelines is to make sure that customers have a clearer picture of how their wireless plan works and when their limits are drawing near.

Aside from having to alert customers when they are reaching their data limits for the month, the networks would also have to be specific on the wireless limits on a plan and provide ways for customers to monitor their usage throughout the month.

Customers would also have greater control over their own wireless limits as they would be able to block any services which use up excessive amounts of data on their own mobile device.

The new regulations have been warmly received from groups within the telecommunications industry with many believing that it will give mobile users greater knowledge and control over their own digital usage.

In a statement, Telus gave their approval to the new code with spokesman Shawn Hall stating that “this draft code is a good start to work from.”

Despite the positives, some groups have raised slight concerns over the ability for networks to charge monthly fees for anyone who goes over their wireless limit rather than giving it to customers as one lump sum.

Members of the public will be able to give feedback to the CRTC via an online discussion forum until February 5. The feedback will then be presented in a public hearing on February 11 which will produce greater details about the new regulations.

With the new regulations getting general approval from providers and experts in the industry, it seems like CRTC has taken a step forward in helping Canadians become engaged and aware about their own wireless usage.

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