Genesis hopes to speed up digital life

by Andrew Roach on January 31, 2013

Living in the country may not always make things particularly easy especially when it comes to getting the latest innovations in technology.

However, Calgary based company Genesis Technical Systems have created new fibre wires which are designed to help improve the overall speed and performances of the Internet in rural areas.

The new product, called DSL Rings, is designed to try and reach transfer speeds of 400Mb/s in both rural and urban settings.

Genesis are hoping that the DSL Rings will help provide a cheaper way of connecting homes to the Internet rather than relying on standard systems such as FTTH or FTTP.

The DSL Rings have been designed to be compatible with many different internet connections and forms with the products working with Wi-Fi, VOIP and M2M systems.

Genesis has also looked to the DSL Rings as a long-term investment as the company claims that it is also compatible with emerging technologies such as 4KTV.

Like other communication connectors, DSL Rings are able to work with most copper wiring systems and uses both DSL technology and FFTC connections to get the Internet up and running.

With many people now looking to digital innovations such as Wi-Fi and cloud computing to plan and manage their daily lives, it’s important for new systems such as DSL Rings to try and enhance the user’s digital experience.

In a statement, Genesis President Stephen Cooke believes that their new product is able to take on the growing burden of providing fast and reliable Internet connections. In the statement, Cooke said that “DSL Rings facilitates Telco customer acquisition, win-back and retention by offering better, faster services; more bandwidth; and a lower unit cost (per Mb/s) than current methods of delivering broadband services over copper.”

The DSL Rings are set to be demonstrated next week at the Rural Telecom Industry Meeting Expo in Florida where the public will be able to look at the new connectors for the first time.

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