Introducing SureConnect: Digitcom’s Back-Up Solution for your PRI

by Jeff Wiener on January 31, 2013

Recent widespread natural disasters have got me thinking about the fragility of our “connected everything” technological lifestyle, particularly as it relates to our communication infrastructure. As disasters go, it doesn’t take much to cripple a region’s communication capabilities, something we saw along the Eastern seaboard earlier this winter. Without that communication lifeline not only is our personal safety in jeopardy, but the well-being of our businesses, our very livelihoods, is in jeopardy as well.

In fact, even if you already employ a state of the art on-premise business phone system that incorporates many of the most advanced communication features, if the Internet is down, if the power is out, or if disaster strikes, your calls will go unanswered and your business will be at risk.

What you need is an insurance policy for your business phone system, something guaranteed to keep your business moving forward through flood, fire, or whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at you. What you need is Digitcom’s new SureConnect solution. It’s your communication peace of mind.

But just what is SureConnect?

Simply put, our SureConnect solution is an insurance policy for your premise-based business phone system, offering back-up options designed specifically to maintain business continuity through the tough times we all hope our businesses will never have to endure. Using Digitcom’s new HostedPBX solution and SIP trunking services, SureConnect is a cloud-based solution designed to offer your business flexibility and resiliency that you just won’t find in a traditional PRI circuit, helping you solve real time communication continuity problems and helping you avoid disruptions.

Still confused? Let’s break this down even further: For those who already employ an on-premise phone system, there are generally few guaranteed reliable fail-over or back-up options available. Now granted any premise-based system worth its salt has some options for maintaining continuity, but the reality is that they’ll likely let you down when faced with pervasive system interruptions caused by power outages or disasters. Its here that SureConnect makes sense, as it provides companies who already have an on-premise system with a cloud-based backup system that guarantees 100% system resiliency.

By employing Digitcom’s cloud-based HostedPBX technology, companies are able to have their backup system located off-site, meaning that in the event of floor or fire at your business location, your communication system will ultimately be unaffected. Further, if disaster strikes at one of your office locations and you need to transfer calls to a different site, SureConnect allows you to do this without the prohibitive call forwarding charges of a traditional system.

At the core of communication continuity is the ability to connect with customers, for if customers can’t reach you, you’ve likely lost their business. Today far too many premise-based phone systems still utilize analog line back-up systems, meaning if your phone system goes down the call is transferred to one analog line; should more than one customer call, they would get a busy signal. It’s these sorts of communication interruptions SureConnect is designed to avoid.

By utilizing our cloud-based HostedPBX solution and the innovative call features of SIP trunking, Digitcom’s SureConnect solution is the insurance policy you need to protect your business from potentially damaging communication interruptions. It’s the ideal solution for your communication peace of mind.

Click here for more information about SureConnect and the other features of Digitcom’s new HostedPBX platform.

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