Blackberry 10 launch doesn’t stabilise RIM’s future

by Andrew Roach on February 1, 2013

The Blackberry 10 launch was suppose to signal the start of RIM’s rejuvenation as the company looks to secure its future but the company’s future still looks uncertain.

After the massive launch on Wednesday, RIM’s stock has dropped on the TSX following average reviews on their new smartphones and operating system.

A lot had been expected of the new Blackberry 10 operating system which will feature in the upcoming Z10 and Q10 smartphones.

RIM has changed direction with the launch of the new smartphones that are significantly different from previous models and the decision to change the name from RIM to Blackberry to give the company a refreshed public image.

Despite all of the effort to re-launch the company, Blackberry has been hit hard on the stock exchange as their value dropped by 5% over the past couple of days.

The surprising drop has been attributed to the announcement that the new smartphones won’t hit the US until the end of March.

The drop has been seen as a bit of a surprise as RIM’s value had risen dramatically since the start of 2013 with last week’s value 50% higher than what it had been at the turn of the year.

With the launch of the Z10 and the Q10, Blackberry had been hoping for critical acclaim but instead they had received mixed reviews from industry experts.

Many people have praised the speed of the Blackberry 10 and its refreshed look and feel which has helped bring Blackberry to the forefront of the mobile market.

However, it has also been commented that the app store is not as fluid or easy to use as other systems meanwhile Blackberry’s own navigation software has also come under criticism from industry experts.

It’ll be possible to get a better indication of how Blackberry may fare in the future with the Z10 hitting Canadian stores next week however the full impact won’t be measured until after the Q10 is released to the public in April.

Ultimately, Blackberry’s fate will be decided by the sales of the new smartphones and whilst their stock value is going to fluctuate over the next few months, Blackberry will hope that the public warms to their new range if they are going to survive and challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple for dominance in the mobile market.

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