Canada becomes test ground for mobile gamers

by Andrew Roach on February 11, 2013

Mobile gaming is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of the new digital market and many of the top developers are now using Canada as their playground to test the latest releases.

Facebook were the first to breakthrough to the Canadian market testing their new phone call feature on their Canadian devices and Nintendo are also set to release a stripped down version of the Wii, the Wii Mini, just in Canada.

Despite the Canadian market being smaller than the US and other leading countries, the area still possess many similar traits to the major regions making it perfect for developers to test their product with their desired audience.

Canada has long been a popular area for companies to launch their devices with companies such as Google pinpointing the area’s potential as early as 2009.

One of the biggest perks for this trend is that Canadians are now the first to receive many of the latest releases and be placed at the forefront of the technological industry.

The latest release to use Canada has a test subject was Vancouver based studio Kabam who developed a game based upon the recently released film The Hobbit.

Whilst the game was free to play for its users, users had to pay for extra content to extend the lifespan on the game. Kabam has then been able to use the response from Canadian players to choose which extras would then be released to user across the world.

Kabam’s spokesman Steve Swasey has explained that Canada is very similar to the US market making the region ideal for developing content. In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, Swasey said that developers choose Canada because “it’s a market that closely replicates the U.S — common language, the same time zones — and it’s a smaller market so it’s not as broad of a potential audience, which is appealing for a beta (test).”

Despite the region receiving many new features before other area, it unfortunately means that the experience isn’t perfect for users with many early releases still containing bugs and glitches which can deter some players from the game if they severely hamper the gameplay or graphics.

Even though there is a possibility of setbacks, the fact that many companies use Canada as a test ground is a huge selling point for the region as it keeps the region at the forefront of technology and allows for companies to develop their products and push products to their limit.

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