Telus angry with roaming fees cap

by Andrew Roach on February 12, 2013

Telus has hit out at plans for the CRTC to introduce a $50 cap on all roaming fees incurred when travelling abroad.

The mobile carrier believes that the new laws would hurt consumers in the long haul and push costs higher for telecom companies.

Telus’ comments come following proposals released by regulators which intended for consumers to be notified when they reach the limits of their data plans.

CRTC’s wireless code is still under debate at a public hearing this week which will look to finalise a code which will affect what carriers can charge consumers for their data usage.

Despite being one of the initial supporters to include further regulation on wireless usage, the new plans to limit roaming fees has upset Telus who feel that will harm the telecom industry and anyone associated with it.

Canada’s third largest wireless carrier believes that an spending cap on data limits and roaming rates could lead to intrusive regulations of consumers phone use.

In a public statement, Telus Vice President of mobility Brent Johnston believed that there wasn’t any need to impose a limit on spending fees. During the statement, Johnston said that “so long as their carrier is providing adequate notifications of when additional data or roaming charges might be incurred, then there should be no need to impose spending caps on all services.”

If the CRTC’s plan were to be introduced, it would significantly alter the current services offered by Telus at the moment with their roaming fees triggered after a consumer spends $200 on data.

However, wireless carriers are considering ways to get around the limits as prepaid plans are starting to be introduced which means that people will only use what’s included on their SIM when abroad.

With other providers such as Rogers already introducing this method to help those who travel to the US on a regular basis, it could spark a change in the way we use wireless features on electronic devices in the future.

Despite Telus’ displeasure at the possible limits that would be imposed in the new wireless guidelines, it seems that the CRTC’s focus is very much aimed at giving consumers more control and information about how they use their phones for wireless usage.

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