Blackberry hit by Home Depot iPhone switch

by Andrew Roach on February 13, 2013

Whilst Blackberry has been buzzing in recent weeks with the launch of their new range of smartphone, it seems that others are still unconvinced about their future.

The latest blow comes as executives of hardware giant Home Depot announced that they were to ditch the makers of the Z10 for the latest version of the iPhone.

It means that the switch will affect 10,000 staff members including executives, managers and supervisors who work for the store chain.

The switch will affect those working in both the US and Canada which will reduce Blackberry’s influence in both of the key North American markets.

It’s not just their name which has been damaged by Home Depot’s rejection as Blackberry’s shares tumbled on the Toronto Stock Exchange following the announcement.

Blackberry’s value dropped by a staggering 4.5% to $15.76 per share after the announcement which unravelled lot of the company’s hard work to regain a respectable price in recent times.

As Blackberry lose out to Apple for the next Home Depot contract, it underlines just how far the Waterloo based company has fallen back over the last couple of years.

With the lack of any new flagship phone not coming for nearly two years, it has let rivals such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft to all increase their share on the market freezing Blackberry out and damaging the company.

It was only a few years ago when Blackberry were at the forefront of the mobile market and were outselling phones that contained the Android system before Blackberry’s newer products were hit by several major delays.

However, the release of the Blackberry 10 system and indeed the Z10 smartphone has helped the company make up for lost time as initial reports suggest good sales figures for the opening week both domestically and in the international scene.

There is still hope for Blackberry to claw even more ground back on their rivals with the Q10 smartphone set for release next month on top of keypad based models which should connect with fans of older Blackberry models.

Even though the loss of the Home Depot contract is a major commercial for the company, Blackberry will need to act now to ensure that they can keep in touch with their rivals.

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