Introducing Digitcom’s Hybrid Hosted Solution: It’s the Best of Both Worlds!

by Jeff Wiener on February 14, 2013

For almost any business in the world to succeed an effective communications strategy is essential, and for many that means investing in a cutting edge premise-based communication solution for your office, one that offers the very best in advanced call features. While such systems are the backbone of the business phone systems industry, there are downsides to investing in the hardware, software, and maintenance of such a system however, particularly related to upgrading and expansion.

You see, while on-premise systems are able to offer the latest cutting edge system features, as with any other facet of our technological existence, what was cutting edge yesterday quickly becomes relatively mundane today, and all but antiquated by tomorrow, which then forces you to incur additional upgrade fees in order to remain competitive.

Further, while your premise-based solution may still be adequately serving your communication needs, things get increasingly complicated once your business starts to expand. If you have added or continue to add a number of smaller satellite offices, you’ll find that a traditional premise-based solution is cost prohibitive from both an equipment and management perspective. If you find yourself in this situation, what you need is a Hybrid Hosted solution from Digitcom.

But just what is a Hybrid Hosted solution? I’m glad you asked…

In the world of automobiles hybrid vehicles are seen, for the time being at least, as the cutting edge of advancements in fuel economy, marrying the traditional combustion engine (to the satisfaction of the oil companies, no doubt) with futuristic electric power to offer drivers maximum fuel economy; affording most hybrid drivers hundreds of more kilometers out of a tank of gas, yet offering them the reliability, durability, and peace of mind that comes with a gas-powered vehicle.

It is in this same spirit that Digitcom has created its unique Hybrid Hosted solution, one that marries traditional premise-based communication technology with futuristic hosted PBX technology, affording your business the most mileage out of its communication investment.

To date companies have been forced into an either/or decision when it comes to their business phone systems, either choose a traditional on-premise system, or leave all the heavy lifting to a third-party company like Digitcom, who is able to host your entire communication system off site. It made for difficult choices, particularly for small and medium sized businesses on a tight budget, as it was difficult to determine which system would give companies the communication platform that would work best for them. But thanks to Digitcom’s Hybrid Hosted solution, those days of choosing between on-premise and hosted PBX are over.

Quite simply, our Hybrid Hosted solution offers all the benefits of your on-premise system to your satellite offices, without the huge capital investment that would normally be required to equip all those offices separately. There’s no need to buy all premise or all hosted, Digitcom can do both and make them work together.

This means that if you already own an on-premise system in your head office, but want the communication technologies of the future available for all your offices, there’s no need to continue investing in communication hardware, we connect your premised (Avaya, Cisco, NEC) phone system with a hosted PBX solution and blend them into one seamless, affordable, and easy-to-manage package. It’s the best of both worlds!

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