Blackberry worried over TIFF malware issues

by Andrew Roach on February 19, 2013

Security issues are just the latest setback for Blackberry as it has been revealed that the company’s business software could be open to hacks from rogue software.

The problem is based around Blackberry’s Enterprise Server which is open to attacks from malware that could affect the performance and security of anyone using the programme.

It’s thought that the issues surround the way the software handles TIFF images in multiple formats including e-mails, text messages and on the Internet.

There is enough concern from Blackberry that they have attached a “high severity” label to the problem which recommends that users of the programme should look to get a fix ASAP.

Blackberry believes that the problem can be caused just by viewing an image which would automatically give hackers the opportunity to gain access through the software and gaining remote access to all of a company’s details.

One saving grace for many companies that use the software is that hackers wouldn’t be able to get access to the phones themselves meaning that private and personal information would still be protected from hackers.

At the moment, it’s being predicted that the aim of any hacks would be to disrupt communications between two members using the Enterprise Server causing the software to crash and shut itself down.

Blackberry has also come out stating that the final damage to the software would be determined by how the company has set their business up online as it would have an impact of what hackers could access on the business platform.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Blackberry’s business applications have fallen foul to hackers as it has been a problem that has hindered the brand’s appeal to those in the professional world.

At the moment, Blackberry has come out saying that there are no reports of any hacks through the Enterprise Server however the company has urged business to upgrade their installations to prevent them from becoming a potential target.

Luckily, Blackberry has noticed the problem early which will help companies avoid getting exposed however they will need to take lessons from the latest breach and make sure that future incarnations of their business software don’t fall down to the same trouble that has held them back for the past several years.

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