Blackberry granted image manipulation patent

by Andrew Roach on February 20, 2013

Whilst sceptics continue to question Blackberry’s long-term future, the Ontario-based company is already planning for the future following the grant of a rather interesting new patent.

The patent looks to cover ways in which we can create and edit images without having to touch the screen to produce a picture.

If the technology was to ever be implemented, it would only need a device to have a front facing camera and infra-red to carry out the possible actions.

Even though the idea behind the patent may seem complicated, it would beactually rather easy for users to get to grips with. Basically, the new patent would enable people to move their finger over the camera which would then track their movements until a shape or line is formed.

The camera would track the movements using an infra-red camera initially before the same process is repeated using just the normal camera.

The two sets of data are then compiled together to help produce the shapes formed by the finger’s movement and produce the image on the phone’s screen.

According to the patent, it’s likely that the technology would be implemented into any tablets or smartphones developed in the future by Blackberry.

With the news of Blackberry being granted their latest patent, it’s a signal of a rosier future for the company whose long term future has been under question in recent months.

But with positive sales figures for the Z10 and a warm reception to the new Blackberry 10 system, it seems that Blackberry could well have steadied their sinking ship.

On top of that, the second Blackberry 10 device – the Q10 – goes on sale next month and if that is able to achieve similar figures to what the Z10 has achieved so far, it could well help Blackberry move back to the front of the mobile market.

There is no indication as to if or when the infra-red imaging would be worked into Blackberry phones but it is certainly an encouraging sign which shows that Blackberry are certainly planning to be around for the foreseeable future.

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