Bell & Rogers revive unlimited internet plans

by Andrew Roach on February 22, 2013

With the CRTC currently reviewing rules surrounding internet pricing plans, both Bell and Rogers have launched new plans offering unlimited Internet usage.

Bell was the first to blink as they revealed their own packages to the public at the end of January and Rogers has joined them with their own plans being advertised at the start of this week.

Despite the companies being arch-rivals, both their package are exceptionally similar as they look to offer unlimited internet usage either on its own or as a bundle alongside a TV and home phone services.

This marks a change in direction from many of Canada’s leading telecommunications providers who had included caps on internet usage over the past few years.

Previously, heavy internet users would have to pay a cost of between 50c and $4/GB if they went over their limits but the new plans would mean that users would only have to pay $10 or $30 to get their unlimited internet depending on the package they choose.

The move by the major companies comes just as the CRTC are about to give their verdict on whether independent communication providers are allowed to offer unlimited plans at their own rates.

Independent providers have continued to offer unlimited plans even since the major companies stopped offering unlimited packages in 2009 following a previous overview of pricing regulations by the CRTC.

However, the move to unlimited internet packages could also reflect in the growing demand and use of the Internet within our daily lives.

With many companies now offering the majority of their services online and the growing use of cloud storage systems to store information, it means that we are using the Internet more now than we have ever before.

Furthermore, companies such as Netflix and on-demand services from TV companies has now meant that unlimited packages are going to appear more attractive to heavy users looking to avoid incurring the additional charges that may be in place on their current Internet package.

At the moment, the offers by the major providers are only for a short while with Rogers only offering the unlimited plans until the end of March.

Despite that, it seems that companies such as Rogers and Bell have had to react to make sure they recognise the growing role of the Internet in our daily lives and to make sure that they don’t fall behind the little guys should they get their way in the CRTC ruling.

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