Bell becomes first to offer Mi-FI 2

by Andrew Roach on February 25, 2013

Bell has managed to achieve a world’s first as the company becomes the first wireless provider outside of the USA to offer the Mi-Fi 2.

The Mi-Fi 2, made by San Diego firm Novatel, is a wireless internet hotspot device that also contains a touch-screen display which can interact with the user.

Novatel had only previously launched the Mi-Fi 2 within the US as American provider AT & T being the host provider for the system.

Mobile Wi-Fi hotpsots are fast becoming popular devices as wireless users continue to grow and become the primary means of accessing the Internet.

The Mi-Fi 2 is equipped to deal with all the burdens that wireless hotspots might face with the device being built to cope with every connection possible including 3G and 4G LTE.

On top of that, Novatel’s portable hotspot device is able to host 10 different devices at any given time which can help a group set up a small network within a house or area to boost connectivity to the Internet.

The Mi-Fi 2 is accessed and operated through a small 2.8in LCD multi-colour touch-screen display that can be used to alter the settings of the network and manage which devices have access to the hotspot.

As it’s a wireless device, battery life can be an issue however Novatel has claimed that the Mi-Fi 2 has a battery life of 11 hours which is a decent return considering the power needed to constantly access the internet for such a length of time.

The news about the launch of Mi-Fi 2 has generated some buzz amongst buyers who are looking to expand their wireless usage. This was recognised by Adel Bazergi, Senior Vice President of Products at Bell who said that “Bell customers using the advanced MiFi 2 will be able to move data across multiple devices at speeds often exceeding that of a fixed wireline connection.”

At the moment, the Mi-FI 2 has no direct release date or price on Bell’s network although the system is estimated to arrive on Canadian shores in the next few weeks.

However, with Bell becoming the first wireless provider to offer a wireless hotspot such as the Mi-Fi 2, it could set the benchmark for other providers to look further into the growing market of mobile wireless networks.

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