Third parties haggling deals with wireless providers

by Andrew Roach on February 26, 2013

As much as wireless providers provide a key role within the way we communicate in our daily lives, there are moments in which we will take issue with what they’ve charged us or the service they provide.

However, instead of us dealing with the networks directly, many people are now starting to hire third parties to handle their negotiations and complaints with the companies.

Sites such as are seeing their stock rise meteorically as frustrated citizens turn to them to take on the likes of Rogers and Bell.

Whilst the sites look to get cheaper deals for the person they are representing, the sites do get a cut of the new deal. So is it worth going through all that trouble?

Dealing with any bill issues and complaints can be a frustrating experience and it’s one that many of us could look to avoid if they can.

So the idea behind the third party sites is that someone can rely on the site’s representative to use their mix of experience in both the telecom industry and in sales and negotiation to broker a new deal.

These sites will then be able to enter the negotiations with the customer’s network and negotiate a deal on their behalf.

Most of the time, the negotiator is able to find a better deal for their client even if it may not be that much of a saving.

However, the deals do come at a price as the negotiating party does get a cut of the savings provided by the new deal which does mean that the customer doesn’t always save as much as they like.

Furthermore, anyone looking into hiring a third party will need to look into the company’s privacy policy as many do request to have a look at their client’s past phone bills so there is a need for vigilance when looking into these sites.

The growth of these sites has given us a way of avoiding frustrating moments with wireless providers when trying to get a plan that suits our needs.

But with the negotiating site taking a slice of the profits and taking a glimpse into our private lives, this is a trend that may only appeal to a select few.

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